[songquery.com] TITLE Let Us Praise - Judson Cornwall - O Magnify the Lord With Me (Psalm 34:3)
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Title: Let Us Praise - Judson Cornwall
Subtitle: O Magnify the Lord With Me (Psalm 34:3)
Release date: January 1980

O Magnify the Lord With Me (Psalm 34:3)

Judson Cornwall

"In ministering to pastors and people with historic church backgrounds, I find that the nuts and bolts of the subject of praise, as a public function, is often quite foreign to them. As they have opened themselves to a fuller flow of the Holy Spirit, there is a strong desire to express love and adoration, but an outer rigidity often prohibits their bursting forth into praise. Although they thrill to the testimonies of others who have moved into this dimension, the feel they cannot set aside past training just because of someone's experience, however glorious it may be.

In conferences and seminars, I have been repeatedly asked, 'What is the scriptural basis for praise?' This book is an attempt to answer that question. May the ministry of praise that this book teaches find an expression in the Body of Christ far beyond the areas covered in Let Us Praise." (Judson Cornwall)

Table of Contents
Presented With Praise
The Purpose of Praise
The Pattern of Praise
The Paradigms of Praise
Persons in Praise
The Pact of Praise
The Performance of Praise
Persuasions of Praise
The Power of Praise
Preventives to Praise
The Permanence of Praise

Length: 148 pages
Format: Softcover
Publish Date: January 1980
Published By: Bridge-Logos
ISBN: 0-88270-039-1
  0882700391 (code)
  9780882700397 (upc)
  0882700391 (isbn)
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Artist / Worship Leader / Worship Band
Judson Cornwall

Label / Series

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  0882700391 (code)
  9780882700397 (upc)
  0882700391 (isbn)
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