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Title: Jesus...A Living Example of Worship - Judson Cornwall
Subtitle: Bridge-Logos Publishers
Release date: February 1998

Bridge-Logos Publishers

Judson Cornwall

Written by: Judson Cornwall.


Have you ever thought about Jesus worshipping? If He did, when did He worship? Where did He worship? How did He worship?

The Bible abounds with examples of worshippers, but none are with us today as living examples. Jesus, the ultimate worshipper, still lives and dwells in the lives of believers to help them worship the Father in Spirit and in truth.

Jesus...A Living Example of Worship shows who was allowed to worship Him, what He taught about worship, how He encouraged and aids our worship, and how He actually worshipped. In every way, Jesus is the perfect example of worship.

Table of Contents
  1. Jesus Introduced
  2. Jesus Incarnate
  3. Jesus Investigated
  4. Jesus' Inauguration
  5. Jesus Initiated
  6. Jesus' Insight
  7. Jesus Invincible
  8. Jesus' Instruction
  9. Jesus' Inspection
  10. Jesus Initiator
  11. Jesus Was Worshiped
  12. Jesus Worshiped
  13. Jesus, the Servant of God, Worshiped
  14. Jesus, the Son of Man, Worshiped
  15. Jesus, the Son of God, Worshiped
Length: 156 pages
Size: 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 inches
Format: Softcover
Available Date: February 1998
Published By: Bridge-Logos Publishers
ISBN: 0-88270-742-6
  0882707426 (code)
  0008827074266 (upc)
  0882707426 (isbn)
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Artist / Worship Leader / Worship Band
Judson Cornwall

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  0882707426 (code)
  0008827074266 (upc)
  0882707426 (isbn)
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