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Title: Kidsource
Subtitle: Super Songs for Church and School

Kidsource is a collection of Christian songs with youngsters in mind. Compiled by Capt. Alan Price, CA. These songs are suitable for reinforcing biblical teaching on a wide range of topics, and also those songs which enable children to express their worship and adoration and their desire to follow the Friend and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

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Song List of First Lines and Titles. This list gives the first line of each song. If a song is known by an alternative title, this is also given, but in italics.

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Song List
Abba Father Let Me Be
Acts Chapter 2 Verse 39
A Deputy For Jesus
All Heaven Declares
All I Once Held Dear
All Of My Heart
All The Creatures
All Things Bright And Beautiful
Almighty God Is Here
Amazing Grace
A Million Stars Are In The Sky
And God Said
Arky Arky Song
As For Me And My House
As We Share Bread In The Family Of God
As With Gladness Men Of Old
Away In A Manger
A Wiggly Waggly Worm
Be Bold Be Strong
Because Of Who He Is
Be Stillfor The Presence Of The Lord
Be The Centre Of My Life
Birthday Song
Busy Little House
Calling On The Spirit
Calypso Carol
Can We Love One Another
Can You Count The Stars
Can You See What We Have Made
Cast Your Burdens
Celebrate (Morgan/Bankhead)
Celebrate (Johnson/Johnson)
Celebrate Jesus
Christmas Calypso
Christmas It's Christmas
Church Is Not A Building
C-l-a-p Clap My Hands
Clap Your Hands
Come Along Everyone
Come And Join In The Song
Come And Sing
Come Jesus Come
Come On And Celebrate
Come What May
Communion Song
Count To Ten
Crackers And Turkeys
Dance On The Streets
David And Goliath
Dear Lord My Father Who's In Heaven
Deeper Wider Higher
Do Not Worry
Don't Be Afraid
Don't Be An Actor
Don't Build Your House
Don't Know Much About The Ozone Layer
Don't Repay Evil For Evil
Don't You Worry About Tomorrow
Down In The Jungle On A Saturday Night
Easter Jubilation
Enable Your Servants
Everybody Has A Wobble From Time To Time
Every Day With Jesus
Everywhere He Walks With Me
Far And Near
Father God I Come To You
Father God I Know You Love Me So
Father God I Wonder
Father God You Love Me
Father I Can Call You Father
Father I Do Adore You
Father I Thank You
Father We Adore You
Father Your Word
Find The Silence Through The Noise
Fit For Life
For Ever I Will Live My Life By Faith
For I'm Building A People Of Power
From Heaven You Came
Get On Board
Give Him Your Heart
Give Me A Heart Of Compassion
Give Me Oil In My Lamp
Gives Gives Gives
Give Thanks
Give Thanks With A Grateful Heart
God Always Has Time For Us
God Created Them All
God Has A Perfect Plan For Me
God Has Got A Plan
God Is Faithful
God Is Good
God Is Good God Is Great
God Is Here God Is Here
God Is Here God Is Present
God Is Our Father
God Is So Good
God Is The One
God Is Very Great
God Loves Me
God Loves You
God Loves You So Much
God Made A Boomerang
God Never Gives Up
God Said To Abraham
God's Love Is Deeper
God's Not Dead
God's People
God's Perfect Plan
God's Rubbered Out All My Mistakes
God's Wonderful World
God Trains All His Children
God Uses Kids
God You Can Use Me
Go Go Go
Good Old Daniel
Good Or Bad
Grace Is
Ha La La La
Hallelujah Dance Song
Hand In Hand
Hands Hands Fingers Thumbs
Hang On
Harvest Time
Have We Made Our God Too Small
Have You Got An Appetite
Have You Heard
Have You Heard The Raindrops
Have You Seen The Pussycat
Heaven Is A Wonderful Place
Heavenly Father
He Has Made Me Glad
He Is So Great
He Is The King Of Kings
He Is The Lord
Here I Am Lord
Here I Am Ready To Go
Here's A Song
He's Alive
Higher Higher
Higher Than The Highest Mountain
Ho Ho Ho Hosanna
Hold On To The Promises Of God
Holy Hokey
How Did Moses Cross The Red Sea
How Good Of Father God
Hundreds And Thousands
I Am A Lighthouse
I Am A New Creation
I Am A Soldier
I Am Fearfully And Wonderfully Made
I Am Part Of God's Plan
I Am So Glad
I Am The Apple Of God's Eye
I Am The Way
I Believe In Jesus
I Can Be What God Wants Me To Be
I Can Do All All All Things
I Could Sing Of Your Love For Ever
I Could Sing Unending Songs
I'd Reach For The Stars
If I Look In A Mirror
If I Were A Butterfly
If Jesus Is De Vine
If We Admit To God
If You Feel Unhappy
If You're Going To Run The Race And Win
If Your Output Exceeds Your Input
If You See A Special Way
I Have Hidden Your Word
I Just Want To Thank You Lord
I Love The Lights On The Christmas Trees
I Love To Be With You Jesus
I Love You Lord Jesus
I'm Accepted I'm Forgiven
I'm A Full-time Christian
I'm A Pow Pow Powerpack
I'm A Winner
I May Live In A Great Big City
I'm Enthusiastic
I'm Getting To Know God As My Dad
I'm Gonna Be A Mighty Warrior
I'm Gonna Build My House On Solid Rock
I'm Gonna Clap My Hands And Shout
I'm Gonna Click
I'm Gonna Dance On The Streets
I'm Gonna Shine
I'm Gonna Walk By Faith
I'm In-right Out-right Up-right Down-right Happy
I'm Just A Shepherd
I'm Putting God's Armour On
I'm Putting God's Gear On
I'm Putting My Hand In Your Hand
I'm Singing Your Praise Lord
I'm So Excited
I'm Sorry
I'm So Small
I'm So Special
I'm Taking On Board
I'm Working Out What It Means To Follow Jesus
I'm Your Child
In All The Galaxy There Is No One Else
In Days Of Old
I Need Faith
In Everything That I Do
I Once Was Frightened
I Reach Up High
I Remember You
Is It Spooky
Isn't It Good
It's An Adventure
It's Excellent To Be Obedient
It's Great
It Takes An Almighty Hand
I've Got A Friend
I Walk By Faith
I Wanna Be A Light
I Wanna Tell You
I Want To Be A Blooming Tree
I Want To Be A Tree That's Bearing Fruit
I Want To Be Like Jesus
I Want To Be Salt For Jesus
I Want To Worship You
I Wil Dance I Will Sing
I Will Enter His Gates
I Will Offer Up My Life
I Will Show You My Faith
I Will Sing Your Praises
I Will Wave My Hands
I Won't Wander Off
Jehovah Jireh God Will Provide
Jesus Came Proclaiming
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ Is The Lord Of All
Jesus' Hands Were Kind Hands
Jesus Is A Friend Of Mine
Jesus Is Greater
Jesus Is His Name
Jesus Is My Friend
Jesus Isn't Dead Any More
Jesus Is Our Shepherd
Jesus Is Special
Jesus Is The Boss
Jesus Is The Lighthouse
Jesus Is The One For Me
Jesus Is The Password
Jesus I Will Come With You
Jesus Jesus Here I Am
Jesus Jesus I Love You
Jesus Life Giver
Jesus' Love Has Got Under Our Skin
Jesus' Love Is Very Wonderful
Jesus Loves Even You
Jesus Put This Song Into Our Hearts
Jesus Reign In Me
Jesus Rock Of My Salvation
Jesus Rode A Donkey
Jesus Send Me The Helper
Jesus Thank You For The Cross
Jesus Touch Me Now
Jesus Wants Me
Jesus We Celebrate Your Victory
Jesus We Thank You
Jesus You Are Here
Jesus You Are My King
Jesus You Gave Everything
Jesus You're The King
Jonah Song
Just As The Father Sent You
Just The Same
Keep Me Close To You
Kingdom Train
King Of Heaven
Knowing You
Let Me Tell You About A Baby
Let's Celebrate
Let's Get Fit
Let's Sing And Make Music To The Lord
Let's Worship God Together
Let Us Run With Determination
Let Us Sing And Praise God
Let Your Love Shine Through
Life Is Like A Big Wide Ocean
Lift His Name High
Live My Life By Faith
Lord Forgive Us
Lord I Lift Your Name On High
Lord I Want To Be In Your Family
Lord Look Into My Heart
Lord The Light Of Your Love
Lord We Cry Out
Lord We Give You Praise
Lord We Lift You High
Lord We've Come To Worship You
Lord You Gave Me Joy In My Heart
Lord You Put A Tongue In My Mouth
Lord You've Promised Through Your Son
Lost And Found
Love Love Your Enemies
Make A Joyful Noise
Make Me A Channel Of Your Peace
Make Way Make Way
March Of The Kids
Mercy Is Falling
Mighty Warrior
Mind The Gap
Mister Cow
Moses Went Down To See Pharoah
My Father
My God Is So Big
My God Shall Supply All My Needs
My Guiding Light
My Jesus My Saviour
My Lips Shall Praise You
My Rock
Na Na Na Na Na
Nobody Liked Zacchaeus
No One Else Like Me
Now I Belong To Jesus
Obey The Maker's Instructions
Oh I'm Fighting
Oh It's Good To Know You
Oh It's So Good To Know
Oh Oh Oh How Good Is The Lord
Oh Once There Was A Father
Oh The Lord Is Good
Oi Oi We Are Gonna Praise The Lord
O Lord You're Great
On Calvary's Tree
Once Again
Once There Was A House
One More Step Along The World I Go
One Two Three Jesus Loves Me
Only Jesus
Only One Of Me Only One Of You
On My Bed I Remember You
On My Tiptoes I Am Tall
On This Rock
Open Our Eyes Lord
Over The Mountains And The Sea
People Brought Children To Jesus
Peter And John Went To Pray
Please Fill Me Lord
Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow
Praise Him On The Trumpet
Pray At All Times
Prayer Is Like A Telephone
Prayer Phone
Reach For The Stars
Ready And Willing
Restorer Of My Soul
Riding High
Riding High And Low
Rise And Shine And Give God His Glory
Roll The Stone Away
Run The Race
Safe In The Father's Hands
Salt For Jesus
Sandy Land
Say It Loud
See Him Lying On A Bed Of Straw
Seek Ye First
Shake A Friend's Hand
Shake Those Hands
Shine Jesus Shine
Shine Shine Shine
Shoop Shoop
Shout To The Lord
Show Me
Show Your Power
Silver And Gold
Sing And Shout Your Praise
Sing A Song Sing A Joyful Song
Sing Praise
So Great
So If You Think You're Standing Firm
So I'll Trust In God
So I've Made Up My Mind
Somebody's Birthday
Some People Are Fat
Some People Laugh
Some Things Make You Angry
Sometimes In The Morning I Feel Sad
Song For Christingle
So We're Marching Along
Speak Lord
Special Agents
Spiritual Fruit
Sun And The Moon And The Starlit Sky
S-u-n Is Shining In The Sky
Swat March
Talkin' 'bout Jesus
Teach Me To Dance
Thank You Jesus
Thank You Very Much
The Blessing Of God
The Bridge
The Butterfly Song
The Calculator Song
The Christian Conga
The Gift Of God Is Eternal Life
The Grasshopper Song
The Happy Song
The Joy Of The Lord
The Last Word
The Lord's Army
The Lord's Prayer
The Prodigal Son
The Promise Of The Holy Spirit Is For You
The Race
There Are Hundreds Of Sparrows
There Are Lots Of Ways That I Can Praise
There Are So Many Stories
There Is A God
There Is A Place
There Is No One Else Like You
There Is Power In The Name Of Jesus
There Is So Much To Discover
There On A Cruel Cross
There Once Was A Man Called Daniel
There's A King Above The Heavens
There's A Place
There's Nothing Better
There's Nothing I Like Better Than To Praise
There Were Ninety-nine Sheep
The Servant King
The Sheep Song
The Sower Song
The Spirit Lives To Set Us Free
The Stationery Song
The Time Has Come
The Trouble
The Wiggly Waggly Song
The Wise Man Built His House Upon The Rock
The Wobblesong
The Women Went To Jesus' Tomb
The Word Of The Lord Is Planted In My Heart
This Is A Catchy Songa
This Is A Song For The Children Of The Lord
This Is God's World
This Is The Day
This Is The Nose God Chose For Me
This Little Light Of Mine
This Thankful Heart
Three Little Words That Mean So Much
Thumbs Up
To Be With You
Two Little Eyes
Uh Well It's Excellent To Be Obedient
Under Our Skin
Up Down Turn Around
Up Up Up And Away
Wake Up And Dance For Joy
Walk In The Light
We Are Kingdom Kids
We Are Marching (Siyahamb'e)
We Are One We Are Family
We Are The Lord's Kids
We Believe In Hebrews 13:8
We Don't Believe The Devil's Lie
We Don't Sing Songs
Welcome To The Family
We'll Sing This Song For You
We Need To Grow
We Praise God
We Praise You Jesus
We're A Bright Light Together
We're Going To Praise The Lord
We Wanna Sing About Your Love
We Want To See Jesus Lifted High
We Will Turn The Hearts
We Worship You
What A Team We Make
What A Whale Of A Tale
What Do You Do
What Noise Shall We Make
What Was It Like For The Shepherds
When A Knight Won His Spurs
Whenever I'm Afraid
When I Am Hurt
When I Look At The Trees
When I'm In Bed And It's Night
When I Think About The Cross
When There Is Nowhere To Turn
When There's Hard Times
When The Time Is Right
When The Time Is Right
When We're Together With Jesus
When You Pray
When You're Feeling Good
Wherever He Rules
Whether You're One
Who Made The Twinkling Stars
Who Put The Colours In The Rainbow
Who Spoke Words Of Wisdom And Life
Who's The King Of The Jungle
Who Taught The Spider
Why Is It Me
You Are Lovely
You Are The Best
You Are The Light Of The World
You Came From Heaven To Earth
You Can't Catch A Plane
You Give Me Joy
You Lift Your Left Arm High
You May Be Happy You May Be Sad
You May Think I'm So Young
You Never Put A Light Under A Dirty Old Bucket
Your Name Is Jesus
You Say The Harvest Is Plentiful

Artist / Worship Leader / Worship Band
Capt. Alan Price

Label / Series
Kevin Mayhew

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