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Title: Kidsource 2
Subtitle: Super Songs for Church and School

Kidsource 2 is a collection of Christian songs with youngsters in mind. Compiled by Capt. Alan Price, CA. These songs are suitable for reinforcing biblical teaching on a wide range of topics, and also those songs which enable children to express their worship and adoration and their desire to follow the Friend and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

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Song List of First Lines and Titles. This list gives the first line of each song. If a song is known by an alternative title, this is also given, but in italics.

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Song List
Abba Father
A Butterfly An Easter Egg
Ace Foundations
All Around The World
All God's Faithful Children
All Of The People
And God Said
And I Praise Your Name
And I Will Worship You
Angels From The Realms Of Glory
Anyone Who Hears His Words
Are You Wired Up
As I Look Around Me
A Starry Night
A Stranger Walked Along The Shore
As We Walk
A Very Short Song
A Very Special Life
A Whole Lotta Self-control
Be Bold Be Strong And Sing
Because I'm Special To Him
Be First In My Heart
Before You Made The Skies
Be Holy
Bells They Are Ringing
Best Friends
Be Strong And Courageous
Be Strong And Put On
Be Strong In The Lord
Be The Centre
Big Man
Birds In The Sky
Blessed Are The Poor In Spirit
Bless The Lord
Bless The Lord
Brand New Song
Brick By Brick
Bring In The Harvest
Building Building
Call His Name
Celebrating In The Spirit
C For The Christ Child
Chicken Pox And Measles
Chimes Of Freedom
Christian Cakes
Christmas Bells That Bring
Circus Song
Clap My Hands
Closer To You
Closing Prayer
Colours Of Day
Come And Join In The Party
Come Let's Bow Down
Come Now Is The Time To Worship
Come On And Shine
Come On Let's Celebrate
Come On Let's Go Exploring
Come On Let's Raise Our Voice
Countdown For The King
Count Your Blessings
Creation Song
Daniel Knelt To Say His Prayers
Daniel Shadrach Meshach Abednego
Days Of Elijah
Declare It
Deep Under The Ocean
Doctor Jesus
Don't Hide Your Light
Don't Worry
Doo Doo
Do What You Know Is Right
Do You Dash
Do You Ever Wish You Could Fly
Every Bit Of You Is Special
Everybody Can Meet Him
Everybody Everywhere
Everybody Is Special To God
Every Christmas
Every Day
Everything Comes From God
Everywhere Around Me
Faith As Small As A Mustard Seed
Father I'm Willing
Father I Place Into Your Hands
Father I Praise You
Father We Give You Ourselves
Fill Me Up
Finger Song
First In My Heart
Fisherman Peter On The Sea
Fit For The King
Fly Free
For God Did Not
For God So Loved
For God So Loved The World
For The Foolishness Of God
For The Measure Of The Treasure
Friend Of Sinners
From The Top Of My Head
Galatians 2:20
Genesis Exodus Leviticus
Give And It Shall Be Given
Give Thanks To The Lord
God Can Give A Very Special Life
God Created The World
God Gave Me Fingers
God Has Been Good
God Has Put His Angels
God Is Good He Is Great
God Is So Clever
God Is So Wonderful
God Is There
God Knows Me
God Loved The World So Much
God Loves Me
God Loves Me
God Made This World
God Of The Earth And Sky
God Our Father Gave Us Life
God Says 'don't Be Afraid'
God's Hands
God's Way
God's Wisdom
God With A Loving Heart
Gonna Lift You Up
Gonna Live For Him
Goodbye Goodbye
Good Fri Good Fri Good Friday
Good News
Good News Of Great Joy
Hallelu Hallelu Hallelujah
Happy Birthday
Hark The Herald-angels Sing
Have You Ever Had
Heal Our World
Hear The Sound Of People Singing
Heaven Invites You To A Party
Heaven's Gift Of Love
Heaven's Hero
He Came In Love To Bring Hope
He Can Do The Impossible
He Changed Water Into Wine
He Gave Me Two Ears To Hear
He Is Here
He Is K-i-n-g
He Is The One
He'll Be There
He'll Never Ever Go
Hello Welcome
He Made The Eyes Of The Blind Man See
He Made The Stars
He's A Rock
He's Everywhere
He's Got The Whole World In His Hand
He's The Man
Who Calmed The Sea
Hey Hey Celebrate
Hey Hey Jesus
Hey There Mister Scarecrow
Hi Diddle De Hi Hi
High High High
Hi God Made Me
Hi I'm A Penguin
Holy Spirit Fill Me Now
Holy Spirit Holy Spirit
How Come I Don't Get What I Deserve
How Does Sun Shine In The Sky
I Adore You
I Am H-a-p-p-y
I Am Loved By The Father
I Am Special
I Believe In God
I Believe In J E S U S
I Can Learn About Numbers
I Can Sing
I Don't Know Why
If Anyone Is In Christ
If I Go To The Furthest Place
I Find My Happiness
If I've Been Wrong
If You Believe
If You're Feeling Sad
If You Wanna Be Cool
If You Want To Know Why
I Have Been Crucified With Christ
I Jump Up And Down
I Just Want To Love You
I Know You're Here
I'll Clap Clap My Hands
I Look Forward All Year
I Love You Lord
I'm A Kangaroo
I May Be A Child
I'm Forever In Your Love
I'm Gonna Clap
I'm Gonna Let My Light Shine
I'm Gonna Live For Jesus
I'm Gonna Say My Prayers
I'm Gonna Walk By Faith
I Might Not Like My Ears
I'm Looking Up To Jesus
I'm Putting My Trust In You
I'm Saved
I'm So Small
I'm Walking In Love
In All Things
I Need You
I Need Your Hand To Guide Me
Infant Holy
In The Beginning
In The Bleak Midwinter
In The Morning
In The Spirit I Rise
In Your Name
In Your World
I Really Wanna Thank You
Is Anyone In Trouble
Is There A Plank In Your Eye
It Came Upon The Midnight Clear
It Is A Thing Most Wonderful
It Really Is A Worry
It's All About You
It's Amazin' What Praisin' Can Do
It's Christmas Time Again
It's Good To Be Together
It Shouldn't Take Long
It's Jesus' Joy That Fills My Heart
It's Party-time
It's The Time
It's Time To Say We're Sorry
It Was On A Starry Night
I've Got A Friend Called Jesus
I've Got That Joy Joy Joy Joy
I've Never Been To A Circus
I Wanna Give You
I Want My Life To Be Pleasing To You
I Want To Be Like You Lord Jesus
I Will Always Follow Jesus
I Will Believe
I Will Bend Down And Touch
I Will Bless The Lord
I Will Lift Up The Name Of The Lord
I Will Not Be Afraid
I Will Praise You
Jesus All For Jesus
Jesus Almighty Saviour
Jesus Baby Jesus
Jesus Be The Centre
Jesus Bids Us Shine
Jesus Born In Bethlehem
Jesus Came To Make Things New
Jesus Friend Of Little Children
Jesus Gave Every One Of Us A Song
Jesus I Can Count On You
Jesus Is Here
Jesus Is My Friend
Jesus Is The Mighty Mighty King
Jesus Is The Only Way To God
Jesus Is The Same
Jesus Is The Saviour
Jesus It's Amazing
Jesus Jesus How You Love Me
Jesus' Joy
Jesus Lover Of My Soul
Jesus Loves The Children
Jesus Made My Body
Jesus Never
Jesus Said 'i Have Come That They May Have Life'
Jesus Said 'let Little Children'
Jesus Said 'let The Children'
Jesus Said Something Wonderful
Jesus Wants All Of Me
Jesus Was Out For A Walk One Day
Jesus We Dance For Joy
Jesus Went Out Of His Way
Jesus You Knew Me
Jesus You're Lovely / And I Praise Your Name
Jesus Your Name Is Wonderful
John 3:16
Just Be Glad God Made You 'you'
Keep On Going
King David Was A Worshipper
King King King Of The Hill
King Nebuchadnezzar
King Of Love
La La La
La La La La La
Lean To The Left
Let All The Earth Give Praise
Let Everything That Has Breath
Let Little Children
Let Me Explain
Let's Count To Four
Let's Go Dancing
Let's Praise God Together
Let The Chimes Of Freedom Ring
Let The Flame Burn Brighter
Let The Little Children
Let There Be Singing
Let The Spirit Dwell
Let Us Be Grateful
Let Your Kingdom Come
Liar Liar
Light Of The World
Light Up The Fire
Live For Jesus
Lord Hear My Praying
Lord Help Me To Tell Your Story
Lord I Feel The Heartbeat
Lord I Need To Know
Lord I Wanna Pause
Lord I Want To Worship You
Lord Jesus You Are Faithful
Lord Make Me Thankful
Lord Of The Future
Lord Our Master
Lord Reign In Me
Lord You Know Me
Lord You See Me
Lots Of Folk Will Tell You
Love The Lord Your God
Love The Lord Your God
Love You Jesus
Made By God For God Alone
Make A Joyful Noise
Marching In God's Army
Mary's Child
Mary Shivers
Mary Woke With A Start One Night
Matthew Mark Luke And John
Matthew Twenty-two
May My Life Be A Thank-you
May My Praise Be Sung
May The Lord Bless You
Meekness And Majesty
Mister Noah Built An Ark
Monday Tuesday
More Or Less
My Body Is A Temple Of The Holy Spirit
My God Is Big Enough
My Lord Loves Me
My Mouth Was Made For Worship
Name Over All
Never Ever Go
Never Never Never
New Generation
Nobody's A Nobody
No Mountain High Enough
Not An 'it'
Not Like The Animals
Not Too Young
Numbers Song
O Come All Ye Faithful
O Come And Join The Dance
O God You're So Big
O Happy Day
Oh Lord Send Us Out
Oh Praise The Lord
Oh Town Of Bethlehem
O Little Town Of Bethlehem
O Lord All The World Belongs To You
O Lord I Will Sing Your Praise
On A Cross He Died
Once In Royal David's City
One For Others
Our Father In Heaven
Our Father Who Art In Heaven
Our Fingers That Click
Our Song's About The Greatest Man
Out Of Our Way
Over All The Earth
O What Love
Pausing In Your Presence
Peace March
Peace Perfect Peace
People Can Be Like A Cake
Pleasing To You
Praise God All You People
Praise Him
Prayer Can Make A Difference
Psalm 104
Reach To The Lord
Reign In Me
Rejoice For The Lord Is Reigning
Rich Man Zac
Right At The Start
Right Side Up
Rising Generation
River Of Fire
Running After You
Samba Praise
Save Me Lord
Say Amen To The Lord
See Amid The Winter's Snow
Shine Out For Jesus
Signs Of New Life
Silent Night
Sing A New Song
Sing A New Song
Sing A Song
Sing A Song About Christmas
Sing Hallelujah Hallelujah Praise The Lord
Sing Out An Easter Song
Sing This Song For Evermore
Slap A Hand
Sleep Holy Child
Solid Rock
Some Days Are Not Easy
Sometimes I Can't Understand
Sometimes Life Is An Uphill Climb
Song Of Liberty
Song To Jesus
Sorrowing Song
Sorry Song
Sound Song
Sovereign Lord
Step Out With Jesus
Still The Storm
Take A Little Step
Take The Bible Live It Out
Teach Me To Trust You
Tell Me Who Made All Of Creation
Thank You For Loving Me
Thank You For Saving Me
Thank You God For This Good Day
Thank You Lord
The Armour Of God
The Birds Can Fly And The Monkeys Swing
The Body Song
The Christmas Child
The Fingers Of My Hand
The First Nowell
The Fruit Of The Spirit
The Fruit Of The Spirit
The Going Is Hard
The Greatest Man
The Greatest Miracle
The Heart Of Worship
The Holy Gospel
The Holy Spirit Is A 'he'
The La La Song
The Lord Loves Me
The Lord's Prayer
The Lord's Prayer
The Nations Around Israel
The New Testament Song
The Old Testament Song
The Power Of God's Word
There Is A Green Hill Far Away
There Is No Mountain
There Is One
There I Was Walking
There's A River Flowing
There's A Special Feeling
There's A Star
There's Nobody Else Like Jesus
There's Nothing Nothing I Can Do Or Say
There Was A Clever Man
The Scarecrow And The King
These Are The Days
These Are The Things We Believe
The Trinity Blues
The Two Builders
The Wellyboot Song
They That Hope In The Lord
This Child
This Is A Noisy Song
This Is Your God
This Planet Our Home
Those Who Put Their Hope In The Lord
Though I Am Little
Three Nine Thirty-nine
Tick Tock Goes The Clock
Tick Tock Tick Tock
Tomb Breaker
Topsy Turvy Kingdom
Touch A Finger
Trust In The Lord
Turning The World Upside Down
Turn To The Lord
Two Ears To Hear
Under Heaven Above
Unto Us A Child Is Born
Upon A Cross Of Shame
Up When I'm Feeling Down
We Are A New Generation
We Are God's Chosen Holy Nation
We Are Here Waiting
We Are In The Army
We Are Marching Along In The Power Of God
We Are Warriors
We Can Heal Our World
We Clap Our Hands And Sing
We Dance To Praise The Lord
We Have A Mega-story
We Have Been Called
We Have Come
Well If You Love The Lord
Well I Need To Move Mountain
We'll Walk The Land
Well You Don't Have To Hear
We Need To Know The Bible
We're God's Family
We're Going Deep
We're Gonna Build Our Lives
We're Gonna Tell The World
We're Meeting With Jesus
We're Not Too Young
We're Raising The Roof For Jesus
We're The Kids Of The King
We Sing A New Song
We Stand Together
What A Mighty God We Serve
What Wondrous Love Is This
When I Consider
When I Smile Or Rub My Hair
When Jesus Taught His Friends To Pray
When The Fists Are Flying
When The Holy Spirit Comes Upon You
When The Music Fades
When The Sky Turned Black
Where The Presence Of The Lord Is
While Shepherds Watched
Whoopah Wahey
Who Paints The Skies
Why Do Fish Swim Instead Of Sink
Why Worry
Will You Follow
Wired Up
With All Of My Heart
With All Of My Heart I Will Praise
With God Anything Is Possible
With Just One Touch
Wobble Your Knees
Wonderfully Made
Worship The King
Worship The King
Wow That's Amazing
You Are My God And My Father
You Are The Potter
You Came From Heaven's Splendour
You Can Tell The Lord That You Love Him
You Can't Stop God From Loving You
You Can't Stop Rain From Falling Down
You Gave A Guarantee
You Got To Do What The Lord Say
You Need To Natter To God
You Offer A Way
You're A Mighty God
You Ride On The Wings Of The Wind
Your Love
Your Love Is Amazing
You've Gotta Be Fit
You've Gotta Have Faith
You've Touched My Life
You Won't Get To Heaven

Artist / Worship Leader / Worship Band
Capt. Alan Price

Label / Series
Kevin Mayhew

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