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Title: Worship Studio 2002 XP
Subtitle: Midisoft

No matter how or where you lead worship, Midisoft's Worship Studio will help you create lead sheets, scores, and parts quickly and accurately.

It has never been easier to print and share your music with the Worship Team, Choir or Band. Worship Studio has everything you need to create all your music in one package: Notation, Sequencing, Digital Audio and more than 1,000 traditional hymns.

Creating Music
  • Easy-to-use interface features WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) display and drag-and-drop visual editing of all music symbols, markings and expressions. Intelligent notation automatically positions and beams notes according to meter, time and key signature. Music symbols positioned using engraver spacing standards.
  • Music Score, Piano Roll, Event List and Wave View provide several different alternatives for entering music - all views are synchronized so that changes in one view are immediately updated in all other views.
  • 35 different document templates provide a starting point for common musical forms such as string quartet, 4-part chorale, rock band, barbershop quartet and so forth.
  • Enter or record notes with resolutions up to 128th notes. Individual control of note appearance (12 different notehead styles), stems and beaming patterns. Studio automatically fills the space around notes with rests, but rests can also be entered manually to create specific rest patterns.
  • Support for duplets, triplets, quadruplets and other tuplets up to groups of 32.
  • Up to 16 separate lyric verses may be added either beneath the notes or as block text at the end of the piece. Lyrics are automatically and correctly spaced with hyphens and extender lines.
  • Add and format titles, copyright information, arranger and other title page text.
  • Add chord symbols effortlessly using the Chord Analyzer
  • 26 different types of accents, including up/down bow, left-hand pizzicato and double/triple tongue.
  • 9 different types of clefs including drum clef and support for the standard octave signs (8va, 8vb, 15ma)
  • Support for all common meters types (4/4, 6/8, etc.) with denominators up to 64 and numerators up to 255. Support for compound and complex meters (4+1/4, 4/4 + 1/8, etc.).
  • Add and remove multiple staff types such as grand staff, drum staff and vocal staff. Create your own part definitions for each staff.
  • Movable barlines, support for 4 different barline types, repeat signs, repeat expressions (D.C. al Fine, Coda expressions, etc.) and multiple endings.
  • Support for 26 different ornaments such as grace notes, mordents, trills, turns, glissandos, tremolos, arpeggios and other embellishments.
  • Import or embed images and graphics into your score
  • Support for guitar chord grids and modern chord symbols

Editing Music

  • Every music symbol can be edited - even during a performance - to change its appearance, placement and performance values.
  • A million layers of undo/redo for most operations. Undo history allows easy recovery to different versions of a document.
  • Page View displays music exactly as it will be printed on a page. Tiling support allows you to create virtual manuscript pages that are larger than a standard piece of paper for printing large scores.
  • Create layouts (style sheets) to control overall visual appearance of the page, staff sizes, margins and other spacing options. Create part extractions or alternate arrangements of the music.
  • Track View displays staves along one long scrolling view and provides an easy way to enter and work with scores without having to move between different pages.
  • 8 individual voices per track can be used to create multi-voices melodic lines on the same staff.
  • Automatic placement of accidentals, accents, slurs, ties and ornaments. Dynamic markings and tempos are automatically split between systems.
  • Measures per system and systems per page can be individually specified as well as spacing and positioning of each system.
  • Cycle through enharmonic spellings of notes.
  • Automatic courtesy clefs, keys and meters at the end of systems.
  • Transpose notes and staves by interval or by instrument, or set up each staff to transpose the music automatically during playback. Numerous other actions can be applied to staves, such as Copy, Merge, Split, Order and Group. Actions such as Quantize, Nudge, Retrograde, Inversion and Duration can be used to manipulate and edit notes.
  • Measure numbers can be specified for each measure or for the start of each system. Multiple-measure rests automatically recognize rehearsal numbers, double bar lines and repeat sections.
  • Print in color using any printer supported in Windows95 or Windows98.

Performing & Recording Music

  • Use the realtime mixer to change the volume and balance of each track, change the tempo and master volume, and select instruments for each track. Add reverb, chorus and pan to each track.
  • All accents, dynamics and tempos affect the musical performance.
  • Symbols such as repeat endings, codas, da capo, fine, etc. are automatically realized during playback.
  • All editing operations can be done during a performance, making it easy to experiment and change the music while you're listening.
  • Use envelopes to dynamically change hundreds of musical parameters such as tempo, volume, pitch, pedal, reverb and so forth.
  • Add digital audio files to any performance. Use up to 256 separate digital audio tracks to lay out vocals, sounds and other effects with your music.
  • Each voice in a staff can be independently routed to a unique MIDI channel and device.
  • Step recording and playback allow you to easily enter and check your music.
  • Loop recording and playback provides an elegant way to lay down multiple tracks and experiment with your music. Lead-in measures can be specified for each loop during recording. Specify separate punch-in/punch-out points for recording and playback.
  • Versatile recording configurations, including 2 pitch split modes and 3 guitar modes.
  • Add program changes and MIDI system exclusive (SysEx) messages anywhere in a track. Instrument definition files are used to map MIDI bank select and program change values to a simple instrument name.
  • Playback support for MIDI system exclusive (SysEx) messages

System Requirements

  • Pentium PC, or greater
  • Windows 9X/XP
  • 64 MB RAM
  • 15 MB hard disk space
  • Windows /DirectX supported sound card or MIDI device (sound card required for digital sound)
  • Mouse
  • Any MIDI instrument (optional)
  • CD-ROM drive

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