[songquery.com] TITLE The Witness of the Worshiping Community - Frank C. Senn - Liturgy and the Practice of Evangelism
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Title: The Witness of the Worshiping Community - Frank C. Senn
Subtitle: Liturgy and the Practice of Evangelism
Release date: March 1993

Liturgy and the Practice of Evangelism

Frank Senn

Written by: Frank C. Senn.


In their efforts to reach the unchurched, too many churches in recent years have turned worship into entertainment. Evangelism, a word used with profound New Testament significance, has become mere proselytism. The gospel is left devalued.

In contrast to this movement is the kind of worship that invites people to enter into the gospel mysteries and gives witness to the living faith of the community. Genuine worship reveals God's presence in the community and speaks to the deepest needs of religious seekers. The best way to draw people into church is to give them an experience of true worship, in word and sacrament, where God becomes accessible and real. Churches that practice evangelism through the quality of their prayer and community life must be serious about how they welcome people and incorporate different cultures. They must reflect on the way faith develops in people and the way new members absorbed into the community. Ancient models of Christian initiation can enlighten the present practice of evangelism. They also point to a notion of church that is greater and more authentic than the competing congregations of today.

Table of Contents

Worship and Witness: Tensions and Relationships
The Character of Worship: Corruptions of Practice
The Mission of Church: Defective Concepts of Evangelism
The Witness of Baptism: Passage and Transformation
The Witness of the Eucharist: The World as Sacrament
Invitational Evangelism: Hospitality and Inculturation
When the Public Comes to Church: Festivals and Occasional Services
Liturgy and Evangelism: Calendar Coordination
Christian Initiation: A Task for the Territorial Church


Length: 177 pages
Size: 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 inches
Format: Softcover
Available Date: March 1993
Published By: Paulist Press
ISBN: 0-8091-3368-7
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Frank Senn

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Paulist Press

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