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Title: Living Worship
Subtitle: A Biblical Guide to Making Worship Real in Your Life
Release date: November 2004

Written by: John Randall Dennis.


Have you ever wondered how different our worship experience is from those who walked with God through the pages of Scripture? here's your chance to learn from the people like Isaiah, Job, David, Hannah, and others who lived their worship of God. This biblical guide to authentic worship will lift you out of the petty concerns of the "worship wars" raging in many churches today and transport you into the very heart of worship -- giving you the tools for establishing a lifestyle of worship and intimacy with God.

Expect to be challenged, enlightened, surprised, and encouraged as you travel though the Scriptures in anticipation of being transformed in mind and heart by Living Worship.

Includes discussion questions for individual or group study.

Table of Contents
Introduction: Transformations
  • Chapter 1: Living Words

    Portraits of Worship

  • Chapter 2: Worship in Suffering: Job
  • Chapter 3: Worship in Awe: Isaiah
  • Chapter 4: Worship in Abandon: David
  • Chapter 5: Worship in Warfare: Jehosaphat
  • Chapter 6: Worship in Perseverance and Humility: Hannah
  • Chapter 7: Worship for All Nations: Jesus the Christ
  • Chapter 8: Worship in the Spirit: Pentecost
  • Chapter 9: Worship of Heaven: John

    Living Worship

  • Chapter 10: Living Worship
  • Chapter 11: Simple Acts of Worship
  • Chapter 12: A Fresh Commission
  • Details
    Length: 138 pages
    Size: 5 1/2 x 8 3/8 inches
    Format: Softcover
    Available Date: November 01, 2004
    Published By: Bethany House Publishers
      0764229281 (code)
      9780764229282 (upc)
      0764229281 (isbn)
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    Artist / Worship Leader / Worship Band
    John Randall Dennis

    Label / Series
    Bethany House

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      0764229281 (code)
      9780764229282 (upc)
      0764229281 (isbn)
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