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Title: Living Loud - Soul Survivor 2004
Subtitle: FOREIGN IMPORT / Soul Survivor
Release date: November 2004

Living Loud - Soul Survivor Live 2004, features worship led by Tim Hughes, Mark Beswick, onehundredhours, Hillsong United and Lex Brodie.

We worshipped by singing and we worshipped by serving. The result is music that moves form monochrome to full colour. Part of the unique characteristic of SoulintheCity was the coming together of the black and white sound in worship. Once again, Mark Beswick and his singers will add the gospel flavour to the Soul Survivor style.

This album also includes CD-Rom footage from the SoulintheCity celebration from Trafalgar Square, where over 15,000 people gathered to worship, plus a report on the two weeks mission to London.
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Song List
Giver Of Life    WorshipTeam Logo see more song info
Dancing Generation
Lord I Lift Your Name On High
One Way
Whole World In His Hands    WorshipTeam Logo see more song info
If There's One Thing
Sweeter Name    WorshipTeam Logo see more song info
He Is Good
All Of Me    WorshipTeam Logo see more song info

Artist / Worship Leader / Worship Band
Tim Hughes
Mark Beswick
Hillsong United
Lex Brodie

Label / Series
Kingsway Music  ·  Soul Survivor

Products / Media Formats
  SURCD5029 (code)
  5019282502923 (upc)
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