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Title: Enter His Courts with Praise!: Old Testament Worship for the New Testament Church
Subtitle: Baker Books
Release date: February 1997

Written by: Andrew E. Hill.


As worship leaders struggle to keep (or make) worship alive and meaningful, they are compelled to study the biblical teaching on the subject. They could do no better than turn to Andrew Hill's robust contribution.

Hill contends that the Old Testament has much to teach New Testament believers about worship--by theological principle if not by explicit example and direct application. With exceptional care and thoroughness, Hill explores the multifaceted aspects related to worship in the Old Testament. These include worship's form and function, place and piety, arts and actions.

In a review in Presbyterion Robert Yarbrough of Trinity Evangelical Divinity School had this to say about the author's study: Hill provides solid review of Old Testament history as it relates to development of worship views and styles. He interweaves questions, concerns, and insights, however, that are distinctly modern, making his book engrossing rather than dry reading.

This book, explains Hill, should be regarded as one ingredient necessary to concoct a serum for worship renewal in the church. Indeed, the Old Testament has much to teach us about worship. While the needs of individual churches differ, all approaches to worship renewal must be comprehensive enough to consider the biblical, historical, and theological sources of Christian worship.

Enter His Courts with Praise! was originally published by StarSong.

Author Information:
Andrew E. Hill is associate professor of Old Testament at Wheaton College. He commented on Song of Solomon and Obadiah in the Evangelical Commentary on the Bible, compiled Baker's Handbook of Bible Lists, and coauthored A Survey of the Old Testament. His Ph.D. degree is from the University of Michigan.

Length: 380 pages
Size: 6 x 9 inches
Format: Softcover
Available Date: February 1997
Published By: Baker Books
ISBN: 0-8010-9030-X
  080109030X (code)
  9780801090301 (upc)
  080109030X (isbn)
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Andrew E. Hill

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Baker Books

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  080109030X (code)
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  080109030X (isbn)
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