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Title: Decisive Praise & Worship: Actualizing our devoition to the Lord
Subtitle: MindHeart Foundation
Release date: August 2004

A Source and Study Guide

Have We Got Worship All Wrong?

Prevailing wisdom among worship professionals is that participation in music and lyrics ushers us into the throne room of God. But is that all it's about? No!

If we're to be faithful to God's leading, such strong expectations must be checked against Scripture. Paraphrasing Matthew 7: 21: 'Not everyone that sings and exults 'Lord! Lord!' during the gathering of My people will provide passage into God's presence, but those who submit their lives to the will of God.'

But what else is there? What are we missing? Now there's help for pastors, praise and worship leaders and others. The newly-published Source and Study Guide, 'Decisive Praise and Worship,' presented by the MindHeart Foundation for Biblical Studies, presents a fresh, new and biblically-based guideline for those wanting to lead their church or group into a much deeper and decisive relationship with our Lord.

'Decisive Praise and Worship' addresses the vital issues of how we can better enter the divine Presence during assemblies. It tells how we can integrate the true biblical purposes of praise and worship into the culture of today's churches.

Decisive Praise and Worship is designed to be a companion guide to seminars hosted by MindHeart. It also serves as a stand-alone source book for those wishing to bring their own lives, or those of the people they serve, into a dynamic feeling for AND a decisive response to the God who is present and active already wherever He is acknowledged steadfastly as Lord.

Contents and Objectives

1. Introduction - To perceive praise as the ceaseless flowing and energy of a glorious river, and worship as pools that provide opportunities for deliberate correction.
2. Discernment - To discern between biblical praise and worship as distinctive and decisive responses to God in our perceptions and practices.
3. Embodiment - To incorporate the praise and worship of God situationally into both our personal practices and corporate performances.
4. Implantation - To implant the praise and worship of God as personal and ministry proficiencies within the church staff and worship teams.
5. Clarification - To clarify the teaching about the actuality and hiddeness of the Lord's presence, and the impact of well crafted lyrics and seamless musical events upon His perceived presence. Each objective will be achieved through the presentation of biblical materials contained in this study guide, and the thoughtful interaction of the participants.
6. Resources for Additional Reflection

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