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Title: Dance Praise
Subtitle: Digital Praise
Release date: October 2005

Turn Your Computer into a Dance Arcade with top Christian Hits

PC Based Dance Game.

Three playing levels,from beginner to expert,will keep them movin’ and groovin’! Discover the newest dance modes,including Arcade™ mode for extra challenges and Exercise mode for a great workout. The Tune Into You™ feature sets the level at the player’s pace.

Get ready for hours of family fun with Dance Praise,with 35 songs from Christian artists,including ZOEgirl,Steven Curtis Chapman,and more.

Onscreen lyrics reinforce positive Christian messages.

Includes interactive dance pad.

Product Description

Four Modes,Multiple Features
Upbeat,positive and challenging,Dance Praise pits the dancer against a colorful video display. Arrows on the display scroll across the screen in time with the music; arrows on the dance pad correspond to the ever-changing display. It's the dancer's job to keep up!

Dance Praise offers four key modes of play:

  • Dance Mode - the basic game which scores the dancer's performance;
  • Arcade Mode - offering scoring plus a series of on-screen challenges that create an additional level of fun and strategy;
  • Exercise Mode - turns Dance Praise into a cardiovascular workout for kids and adults alike. Dancers can set goals by either total time danced or by total calories burned (with the calories setting,Dance Praise can calculate and show how many calories have been burned by having animated food itemsfly away off the screen); and
  • ShadowDance Mode (requires second dance pad) - allows one dancer to choreograph steps in real time that the second dancer must duplicate.

All four modes can be played at any of three levels of increasing speed and complexity: easy,medium,and hard. In Arcade Mode,each level of difficulty also carries with it on-screen icons that dancers must either hit or avoid to improve their score. For example,hitting 2X or 3X markers can double or triple the associated points,while inadvertently hitting a smokebomb icon can cloud the screen and make seeing the arrows nearly impossible.

Dancers also have the option of performing Dance,Arcade,or Exercise modes in any of three different styles. Solo style allows the performer to dance alone; Duel style (second pad required) pits one dancer against another,which is especially fun in Arcade since dancers can send pitfalls to the other player's screen. The third style,Duet (second pad required) lets two players combine their individual best scores as they dance together - a great choice for parent/child play.

With cutting-edge graphics and animation,along with changeable background scenes and arrows,players never tire of Dance Praise's on-screen visuals. The program's jukebox interface even allows dancers to sort and choose songs three different ways and displays song titles and album covers.

Finally,Dance Praise includes a unique Tune Into You feature to automatically match the dance level to the dancer's individual pace. As the person becomes more skilled at performing each dance pattern,Dance Praise adjusts based on their last score for that song. Dance Praise is never too tough or too easy!

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