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Title: A Ton of Worship for Kids - Kingsway Kids
Subtitle: Kingsway Kids
Release date: November 2009

When it comes to kidís worship music how does one hundred of the best arm-waving, action-pumping, faith-building worship songs for less than ten dollars sound?

A Ton Of Worship For Kids gives you 4 CDís filled with the best in kidsí worship songs. Bringing the Bible to life and laying some seriously good foundations for faith, this collection of songs has it all, with classics from down the years and a couple of funny ones thrown in for good measure. These one hundred tracks will keep your pre-teen kidís praises going for hours on end. For 4 hours, to be preciseÖand all for $9.99!
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Song List
There's A Letter In The Bible (James 1:21)
God Loves Me Whoopah Wahey (Whoopah Wahey)
It Doesn't Matter What The Time Is (Proverbs 17:17)
I'm One In A Million (One In A Million)
Jesus Jesus (Jesus He Is Lord)
Don't Go Worrying What To Do (Don't)
If I Try And Read A Little Bit O' Bible Every Day
You Are The Sunshine (All That You Are)
In This World Where We Live
Great Is Our Lord
I Am So Excited (Talk About Jesus)
Lord Jesus We Walk This Straight And Narrow Path (Step By Step)
Nothing's Too Big Big Big
Father God Created The World
Holy Spirit Fill Me Up
God's Promise Is A Rainbow (The Rainbow Song)
Well You Might Be A Finger (The Body Song)
Don't Praise Yourself (Proverbs 27:2)
I Know A Little Secret (Move A Little Bit Closer)
Every Time We Confess Our Sins (Forgiveness)
If You Want To Make A Happy Cake (Joy)
Not By Might
This Is Just A Simple Song (Simple Song)
Just A Song To Say I Love You
God's My Father And My Friend
And Many More

Artist / Worship Leader / Worship Band
Kingsway Kids

Label / Series
Kingsway  ·  Kids

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