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Title: Your Kingdom Come - Matt Papa
Subtitle: Matt Papa
Release date: August 2009

In an industry where recording “artists” commonly pay top-dollar producers to create a sound for them, Matt Papa shines all the brighter as one of the rare, raw musical talents. Whether shredding on guitar, crafting a melody on piano, or pouring out his soul vocally, Matt brings something truly fresh and creative to this ever-commercializing art. What’s more is that Matt actually has something to say. Whether between songs in a concert or through writing his lyrics, Matt delivers a clear and persuasive message to move his listeners toward the Word and graces of God. While growing up in the Bible-belt state of Georgia, Matt was deeply influenced by the church group he attended as a youth. God had opened his eyes to the gospel of Christ by the age of 12, and, though struggling through his parents’ divorce at age 14, he picked up a guitar and began leading the worship music for his youth group.e 14, he picked up a guitar and began leading the worship music for his youth group.
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Song List
Hallelujah Our God Reigns
So Come Reign
Your Kingdom Come
Open Hands
To The Least Of These
Here Am I Send Me
God Of Grace
You Can Do Anything
Hymn In C
Where Is The Difference
Woe To You
Here It Comes
We Will Shine
Every Knee
No One Else

Artist / Worship Leader / Worship Band
Matt Papa

Label / Series
Independent Labels  ·  Spin 360

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