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Title: Worship-Centered Youth Ministry
Subtitle: A Compass for Guiding Youth Into God's Story
Release date: October 2000

Written by: Jon Middendorf.


Some envision believers singing praise songs and lifting their hands. Other see people bowed in fervent prayer or sitting quietly meditating on Scripture. While these images may represent expressions of worship, they do not convey a complete picture of the biblical concept of worship. What is authentic worship? As youth ministers in today's culture, how close to the mark of true worship are we leading our teens? What does it mean to live out worship in everyday life?

In his latest book, Worship-Centered Youth Ministry, Jon Middendorf tackles these tough questions and more. Beyond the typical ideas of worship, Middendorf explores the biblical definition and challenges the reader to move to a deeper understanding. Through describing a typical youth ministry program and offering principles for a worship-centered lifestyle, Middendorf directs youth workers on a journey toward a worship-centered youth ministry--a journey that will lead both the workers and their teens into a deeper, richer walk with Christ.

Table of Contents

  1. An Overview of the World

  2. Snapshots of Postmodernity : The Millennial Mind-Set

  3. An Exercise in Belonging

  4. Worship as a Response to the Millennial, Postmodern Mind-Set

  5. True North : The Direction of Worship-Centered Youth Ministry

  6. Worship-Centered Teaching

  7. Worship-Centered Community

  8. Worship-Centered Reflection

  9. The Role of the Worship-Centered Youth Worker

Appendix A. Biblical Time Line

Appendix B. Sample Letter

Appendix C. Sample Lesson

Appendix D. Sample E-mail Reading List for Youth Devotions

Appendix E. Suggest Reading List

Reference List

Length: 127 pages
Size: 6 x 9 inches
Format: Softcover
Available Date: October 2000
Published By: Beacon Hill Press
ISBN: 083-411-8262
  0834118262 (code)
  9780834118263 (upc)
  0834118262 (isbn)
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Artist / Worship Leader / Worship Band
Jon Middendorf

Label / Series
Beacon Hill Press

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  0834118262 (code)
  9780834118263 (upc)
  0834118262 (isbn)
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