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Title: Worship Assistant
Subtitle: Worship Planning and Presentation Software
Release date: April 2003

Worship Planning and Presentation Software

ChurchAssist Technologies

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Worship Assistant is a software program designed to help worship leaders organize their worship services. Anyone who plans, organizes, and manages worship services, concerts, holiday productions, etc can make use of Worship Assistant. This program will revolutionize the way you plan any worship service or musical production.


Keep Track of Worship Songs

Worship Assistant allows you track information about each of the worship songs you use in your services and productions. You can enter the lyrics and chords for each song and then display and print them in a variety of different ways. In addition to printing a master song list, you can also print overheads, lead sheets, and songbooks. You can also easily transpose songs to different keys.

Plan Worship Services and Musical Productions

Once your songs are entered, you can easily select the songs you want to use in a particular worship service or production. You can then print out a set list, lead sheets, and song sheets. Anything you can can print, you can also output as a PDF file, which can be easily e-mailed to your team members! The program also allows you to track CCLI usage, and print a report when it comes time to report your usage.

Present Song Lyrics Using a Video Projector

Worship Assistant allows you to display your song lyrics using a video projector. You can easily move from screen to screen and from song to song using the keyboard. Multiple monitors are also supported.

Manage Worship Teams, Choir Members, and More

Worship Assistant helps you manage your worship team by allowing you to store information on each of your team members. A report containing this information can then be printed. You can also assign team members to worship sets.

New In Version 4

The following features have been added in version 4 (changes from version 3 are displayed in italics):


  • Song Reports can now be customized (replaces Master Song List).
  • Worship Team Reports can now be customized.
  • Renamed Team Manager to Team Member Manager.
  • Added Worship Team Manager for managing worship teams.
  • Added built-in support for e-mailing individual team members or whole worship teams.
  • Added ability to export songs in CSV and MySQL formats, and the ability to import songs in CSV format.
  • Filters can now be specified when merging song tables.
  • Removed import from Version 2.1 and import from Maestro.
  • Removed export to Version 2.1 data format.


  • Can now make use of multiple monitors when presenting lyrics.
  • Separate background bitmaps and fonts can be specified for each song in a worship set.
  • Individual lines can now be displayed in italic or bold.
  • Free text entries can now have display text associated with them.

Song Manager

  • Two file link fields for each song have been added for storing references to multimedia files.
  • A separate copy of the lyrics can now be stored for presentations and overheads.
  • Added an Overhead Roadmap field for specifying the layout when printing overheads.
  • Comment lines can now be included in lyrics.
  • Increased the number of user defined fields to five.


  • Can now be printed in landscape.
  • Individual lines can now be printed in italic or bold.
  • The [PAGE] directive is no longer used. To indicate a page break, use the new Overhead Roadmap feature.

Set List

  • Can now be printed in landscape.
  • Added the option to not print worship leader.
  • Added the ability to print song number and presentation roadmap.
  • Added option to not print column headers.
  • A separate font can now be specified for free text entries.

Lead Sheets

  • Can now be printed in landscape.
  • Can now be printed in multiple columns.
  • Added the option of printing comment lines.
  • The Presentation Roadmap can now be included for each song.

Song Sheet

  • Added the option of printing comment lines.
  • The Presentation Roadmap can now be included for each song.

System Requirements

  • Windows 98, Me, 2000 or XP.
  • 200 MHz processor (500 MHz recommended).
  • 32 MB RAM (64 MB recommended).
  • Mouse and printer.
  • CD-ROM drive (if purchased on CD-ROM).
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