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Title: Warfare / Don Potter
Subtitle: Morning Star

"On April 18, 1996 a few musicians, singers and about three thousand people gathered just outside of Charlotte, NC for the annual MorningStar Spring Conference. The theme this year was "The Heart of David - Worship and Warfare". However, these people did not come just to talk about worship and warfare - they came to do it! Never have we seen so many devoted worshipers and intercessors gathered with such serious devotion and anointing. This recording is from that gathering.

The worship in the first session lasted two and a half hours at a level of intensity we had never seen sustained before. Amazingly, almost every meeting after it seemed to go even higher. Many times every available space in the auditorium was filled with people dancing with all their might before the Lord. Before it was over, we would hear and see things we had never experienced before. I have been in many great meetings and conference, but I have never felt the presence of the Lord in a meeting like this. He truly inhabited the praises of His people. It was therefore our goal that this recording would somehow capture the sense of the presence of the Lord that was there.

Much of what came forth was spontaneous, and does occasionally drift for a few minutes before "catching the wind". At times the worship from the crowd maxed out the musicians' microphones and created distortions. However, the crowd was so anointed we decided to leave them in the recording as much as we could so this would be a true "live" recording." - Rick Joyner

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Song List
I Have Decided - Don Potter
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Repentance - Don Potter
Nacah (Accepted) - Don Potter

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Don Potter

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