[songquery.com] TITLE WAIT - it's a musical! - You've heard about the baby in the manger...who on earth were those other people?
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Title: WAIT - it's a musical!
Subtitle: You've heard about the baby in the manger...who on earth were those other people?
Release date: July 2003

WAIT- it's a musical! is a Christian pop/rock project based on the key figures in Luke & Matthew's birth narratives. It features a variety of musical styles, from Pop to Latin to R & B, and was written specifically for performance by bands and singers.

This professional recording features top-notch production: the song "Their Leader" won the 2003 Baltimore GRAMMY Demo Contest. WHAT'S IT ALL ABOUT? - Story line As in Luke's Biblical account, a narrator sets the stage. The story is introduced through the song The Wait. During the eerie Thanks to Our King, the fearful people of Jerusalem discuss King Herod, whose disdain for his subjects is made obvious through the song Their Leader. Even though he's "spruced things up in Roman style", Herod complains that the people don't understand how he's improved their lives. The plight of the locals in a world ruled by Romans & Herod is highlighted by Elizabeth & Zechariah. Elizabeth is the barren wife of a priest (in a culture that sees the childless as out-of-favor with God.) Her not-so-quiet desperation is poignantly shown in the ballad Where Are You? Her uptight husband, Zechariah, cuts loose in the temple during I Want A Son and tells God how giving him a son would be of benefit to all (including God.) Gabriel bursts on to the scene like an angelic James Brown in his response - You'll Have A Son. Zechariah's stubborn questioning of Gabriel angers the mighty angel so much that he makes Zechariah mute. Gabriel leaves Zechariah and travels to the home of the young girl Mary, first passing through the town. He hears local women gossiping about Mary & her fiancé, Joseph , in the round The Perfect Couple. Gabriel informs Mary that God has chosen her to bear His son and, in sharp contrast to Zechariah's response to the angelic messenger, Mary immediately accepts the extraordinary news. She later tells Joseph, who is not compassionate: they each sing about their confusion & frustration with the other in the duet Unafraid. Joseph decides he cannot accept the far-fetched story of how Mary came to be pregnant and decides to abandon her. Gabriel appears to him in a dream during the song Leap of Faith. He informs Joseph that the unborn child really is the Son of God. Mary has left for the home of Elizabeth where, in spite of her crisis of being pregnant with no husband, she sings the hopeful Magnificat. Joseph comes to Mary and, knowing that he has misjudged her, pleads with her to take him back through the song Forgive Me. Mary does forgive him, and the entire cast joins in for the exuberant The Wait - Reprise.

  • The Wait
  • Thanks To Our King
  • Their Leader
  • Where Are You?
  • I Want a Son
  • You_ll Have a Son
  • The Perfect Couple
  • Hail Mary
  • Unafraid
  • Leap of Faith
  • Magnificat
  • Forgive Me
  • The Wait - Reprise
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Song List
The Wait
Thanks To Our King
Their Leader
Where Are You
I Want A Son
You_ll Have A Son
The Perfect Couple
Hail Mary
Leap Of Faith
Forgive Me
The Wait - Reprise

Artist / Worship Leader / Worship Band
E. Christine (Chris) Anderson

Label / Series
Independent Labels  ·  A.M.TuneShop

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