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Title: Time - Visual Worship
Subtitle: Integrity Films
Release date: June 2005

Visual Worship is the first worship resource of its kind ... a toolbox of film and musical components all centered around a biblical theme that will assist every worship leader, pastor and small group leader. Each package includes short films, testimonies, dramatic readings, hymns and contemporary songs, a ‘visual prompter series’ and sermon outlines along with Guides for Student Pastors, Small Groups and Christian Education. You can choose as many of the ideas as you wish to create a uniquely powerful service!

This unique series provides you and your congregation with some of the most powerful film/video segments ever created. Along with multiple award-winning short films, your package will include hymns and contemporary songs for praise and worship, produced by some of the most talented arrangeers, as well as remarkable true-life testimonies on film plus more additional components.

Imagine your worship service seamlessly integrating sights and sounds all designed to reinforce one biblical theme.

Imagine your sermon merging with films, hymns, real life testimonials, short stories, and responsive readings.

Imagine these elements right at your finger tips in one media library that can also be used in small groups, youth retreats, and adult classes.


Helping your church to realize the value of time through a visual worship experience.

Use it or lose it. Are we giving back our energy, redeeming our time and sharing the wisdom that God has graciously given to us? Are we numbering our days? Time includes a clever short film, and a guest testimony on time, plus all the other components, focusing on making every moment count. This resource features film and musical components centered around one biblical theme, including:

  • Welcome/Prompters: Your worship experience begins when your congregation is first seated! Six thought-provoking questions displayed on your screens will help prepare them for the sermon on the value of time.
  • Congregational Hymn: Take Time To Be Holy is an old hymn with a completely new, contemporary tune, arranged for choirs and praise band. This hymn softly reminds us of God's daily call to holiness and caring for others.
  • Filmatic Moment: 40 Million is a intriguing short film produced by filmmaker Craig Lillard from Visual Reality. Cleverly conceived and rendered in dramatic style.
  • Short Film: 60 Seconds - produced by filmmaker Bub Kuns of the Veracity Project, proves that is a dangerous yet exciting commodity. And it goes at a frightening pace.
  • Contemporary Song: Today - a challenging song of worship and commitment written by Brian Doerksen and Sandra Gage.
  • Scenes from Scripture: The reading of God's Word IS powerful, especially when God's people are encouraged to read it enthusiastically! A selected passage from Ecclesiastes 3 says it all--in words, graphics and an optional audio track.
  • Sermon Outlines: Dr. Michael Duduit, head of American Ministry Resources, has prepared a sermon outline you may wish to consider, adapt, or use in its entirety. In addition he has included a collection of illustrations for your consideration, centered on the theme of time.
  • Leadership Guides: There are three prepared guides to help you and your staff create deep and meaningful encounters for your congregation. Included is a Student Pastor Guide, Outreach/Small Group Guide, and a Pastor/Worship Leader Guide. This is not just a Sunday morning worship experience! Components not used in a Sunday service can easily be adapted for small groups, youth retreats, and Sunday school classes.
  • Integrity's iWORSHIP: Integrity Music has long provided praise and worship music for churches throughout the world. For churches just beginning to use these visual elements in their services, there are 2 additional songs relating to the the of Time--all graphically designed and including lyrics and tracks.
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