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Title: The Worship Sourcebook
Subtitle: Baker Books
Release date: July 2004

Finding new ideas to freshen up traditional church services without changing your style can be challenging! This rich resource offers liturgies, invocations, prayers of confession, litanies for the Christian year, plans for celebrating the sacraments, healing services, and more. Includes a CD of the text in a PDF format to be viewed with Adobe Acrobat Reader.
Table of Contents


I. The Practice of Christian Worship
II. The Worship Sourcebook: A Contemporary Experiment Based on Classical Models
III. Using The Worship Sourcebook
Part One: Elements of the Worship Service
Basic resources for worship, along with instruction about the meaning and function of each element in worship.
Section 1 : Opening of Worship
    1.1 Preparation for Worship
    1.2 Call to Worship
    1.3 Greeting
    1.4 Opening Responses
Section 2 : Confession and Assurance
    2.1 Call to Confession
    2.2 Prayers of Confession
    2.3 Lament
    2.4 Assurance of Pardon
    2.5 The Peace
    2.6 Thanksgiving
    2.7 The Law
    2.8 Dedication
Section 3 : Proclaiming the Word
    3.1 Prayers for Illumination
    3.2 Introductions to the Reading of Scripture
    3.3 Responses to the Reading of Scripture
    3.4 Conclusions or Responses to the Sermon
    3.5 Introductions to the Profession of Faith
    3.6 Profession of Our Church's Faith
Section 4 : Prayers of the People
    4.1 Invitations to Prayer
    4.2 Gathering Prayer Requests
    4.3 Preparing Extemporaneous Prayers
    4.4 Complete Model Outlines and Prayers
    4.5 Prayers on Pastorally Challenging Topics
Section 5 : Offering
    5.1 Invitations to the Offering
    5.2 Offering Prayers
Section 6 : Baptism
    Complete Model Liturgy for Baptism
    6.1 God's Invitation and Promises
    6.2 Response of Faith
    6.3 Prayer of Thanksgiving
    6.4 Baptism
    6.5 Welcome
Section 7 : Profession of Faith and Remembrance of Baptism
    Complete Model Liturgy for Profession of Faith
    7.1 Introduction
    7.2 Declaration of God's Promises
    7.3 Profession of Faith
    7.4 Prayers of Thanksgiving, Blessing, and Dedication
    7.5 Welcome and Encouragement
    7.6 Call to Service and Blessing
Section 8 : The Lord's Supper
    Complete Model Liturgy for the Lord's Supper
    8.1 Declaration of God's Invitation and Promises
    8.2 Great Prayer of Thanksgiving
    8.3 Preparing the Bread and Cup
    8.4 Communion
    8.5 Response of Praise and Prayer
Section 9 : Closing of Worship
    9.1 Sending
    9.2 Blessing / Benediction
Part Two: Central Themes of the Christian Faith
Supplemental resources for biblical themes for worship drawn from the Nicene Creed and focusing on commonly celebrated events in the Christian year.
We believe in one God...
A. Creation
B. Providence
C. Thanksgiving

We believe...in one Lord Jesus Christ...
D. Advent
E. Christmas
F. Epiphany
G. Baptism of Our Lord
H. Transfiguration
I. Ash Wednesday
J. Lent
K. Passion/Palm Sunday
L. Maundy Thursday
M. Good Friday
N. Easter
O. Ascension of Our Lord
P. Christ the King

And we believe in the Holy Spirit...
Q. Pentecost
R. Trinity Sunday
S. Unity of the Church
T. Communion of the Saints

Appendix: Worship Evaluation Forms


Length: 843 pages
Size: 6 1/4 x 9 1/4 inches
Format: Hardcover
Available Date: July 2004
Published By: Baker Book House
ISBN: 0-8010-9172-1
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  9780801091728 (upc)
  0801091721 (isbn)
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Artist / Worship Leader / Worship Band
Emily Brink
John Witvliet

Label / Series
Baker Books

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  0801091721 (code)
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