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Title: The River - Instrumental Series Vol. 1 - Knowing You
Subtitle: Kairos Records
Release date: March 2003

The River Series of live worship was launched out of a place of waiting upon the Lord at a River Conference in New York City. Amazing sounds emerged as the Spirit had His way and moved in the lives of the worshippers.

The language of music expresses what words cannot. It is a language that transcends, that lifts the spirit out of the distress of the soul. Just as River Instrumental Series was birthed out of a desire to unlock the prayers inside of us so that they fine their way to the surface, Knowing You is meant to give the listener a quiet place of release and rest.

The familiar melodies as well as the spontaneous movements make the moment-by-moment ebb of the souls making them. The music you will hear is a reflection of a deeply-held belief on the part of the musicians; the belief that true intimacy comes from true freedom. Our hope is that the same freedom of spirit in which this music was created would inspire you to new ways of seeking and knowing.

"This Music is best understood as a prayer. May it bless you with peace as you abandon your soul to stillness and know that He is God!"- Robert Stearns

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Song List
Resting Place
As The Deer
The Desperation To Know You (Spontaneous)
All Consuming Fire
To Him Who Sits On The Throne
You Are My Hiding Place
Psalm 77 (Spontaneous)
Glory To God In The Highest
Hovering Over The Waters (Spontaneous)
Worthy Is The Lamb
All Who Are Thirsty
Drink From The River Of Life
Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus
Knowing You
Draw Me Close

Artist / Worship Leader / Worship Band
Robert Stearns

Label / Series
Independent Labels  ·  Kairos Records

Products / Media Formats
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