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Title: The Praise and Worship Team Instant Tune-Up - Doug and Tami Flather
Subtitle: Zondervan
Release date: December 2001


Doug and Tami Flather

Written by: Douglas Flather, Tami Flather.


An easy-to-understand resource that provides straightforward, practical advice on ways to upgrade a music team's sound and ministry, written for both volunteer and staff worship leaders and musicians who use contemporary Christian music.
Pastors Worship Team Leaders Vocalists & Instrumentalists Sound People, Do You Want Your Worship Team to . . .
  • get the most out of rehearsal time?
  • craft a professional sound, even with just a few instruments?
  • cultivate the 10 most important skills vocalists need for contemporary music?
  • teach new songs to the congregation--painlessly?
  • create and use dynamic presentation skills?

Expert advice is here for all the above and a whole lot more. The Praise and Worship Team Instant Tune-Up is the next best thing to having a seasoned professional director coach your team personally through all the ins and outs of worship ministry! This timely resource addresses the whole array of concerns that can hang up a worship team and takes you beyond them to the next level. Whether you're building a team from the ground up or need to fine-tune a given area, The Praise and Worship Team Instant Tune-Up gives you spot-on insights and troubleshooting tips that will help you excel in your mission of leading others in worship through music. You'll love how this easy-to-read book makes everything so understandable. You don't have to take a music theory class in order to get a fast handle on chord substitutions, key changes, and arranging techniques that will give your sound a personal, creative edge.

You'll also find out about . . .

  • Copyright issues--what you need to know
  • Seamless segues and transitions
  • Preparing for and running efficient rehearsals
  • Positioning your worship team on the platform
  • Conducting solid sound checks
  • Best practices for visual aids
  • Communicating with team members via secret signals
  • Developing a clean vocal sound
  • Quick tips for every aspect of worship leading
Table of Contents
Special Thanks

Chapter 1: Give Your Playing a Tune-Up

  • How to get that thick, professional sound with contemporary chord substitutions
  • Chord substitutions for keyboardists
  • Chord substitutions for guitarists
  • Easy ways to spice up your music by changing keys
  • Quick tips: doís and doníts for players
Chapter 2: Give Your Arrangements a Tune-Up
  • How to design a playlist that creates a focused worship experience
  • How to prepare music and charts for your worship team
  • What you need to know about copyright issues
  • How to arrange with dynamics and mixed instruments
  • How to arrange with transitions and segues to get a seamless flow
  • Quick tips: do ís and doníts for arranging worship music
Chapter 3: Give Your Singers a Tune-Up
  • How to help your singers develop a clean sound
  • The top ten clear communication tips
  • How to teach your singers to stay in shape
  • Helps for singers on the platform
  • Quick tips: doís and doníts for singers
Chapter 4: Give Your Rehearsals a Tune-Up
  • How to prepare for rehearsals so youíll be confident
  • How to run an efficient rehearsal
  • What to do if your rehearsal is a disaster
  • Quick tips: doís and doníts for rehearsals
Chapter 5: Give Your Presentation a Tune-Up
  • How to position your worship team correctly
  • How to design visual aids for maximum impact
  • How to do a sound check that will eliminate surprises
  • How to give secret signals to your sound team and band
  • How to painlessly introduce new songs to your congregation
  • Quick tips: doís and doníts for your ministry presentation
Appendix: Worship Planning Resources
Length: 160 pages
Size: 7-3/8 x 9-1/4 inches
Format: Layflat Softcover
Available Date: January 2002
Published By: Zondervan
ISBN: 0-310-24232-0

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  9780310242321 (upc)
  0310242320 (isbn)
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Artist / Worship Leader / Worship Band
Tami Flather

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  0310242320 (code)
  9780310242321 (upc)
  0310242320 (isbn)
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