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Title: The Lost Glory - David Markee
Subtitle: MorningStar Publications
Release date: January 1999

MorningStar Publications

David Markee

Written by: David Markee.


Moving Towards God's Plan for the Restoration of Glorious, Creative Worship

The Lost Glory is truly a remarkable work, which is not just for worship leaders, but a message for every Christian. David's book is well-written, very interesting, and a crucial truth for our times
-Rick Joyner

I know of no writing that so clearly and effectively deals with the issues that have ruthlessly robbed musicians of the purity of worship. Davidís understanding and approach to the subject of creativity and worship is a must read for those who are determined to redeem The Lost Glory to their lives.
-Ray Hughes

Table of Contents
About The Author
What Others Are Saying About The Lost Glory
Foreword by Ray Hughes

Section One: Glory Lost
Chapter 1. The Lost Glory
Chapter 2. What On Earth Went Wrong?
Chapter 3. The Death And Restoration Of Music
Chapter 4. Discovering Your Destiny and Purpose
Chapter 5. The Creator's Design
Chapter 6. The Two Song
Chapter 7. The Song God Loves To Hear
Chapter 8. Letting Go
Chapter 9. Healing Heart
Chapter 10. Come As A Child

Section Two: Glory Recaptured
Chapter 11. The Artist's Spiritual Ancestry
Chapter 12. Worship As Warfare
Chapter 13. Burden Bearing
Chapter 14. Zeal For God's House
Coda - Bringing It All Together

Length: 143 pages
Size: 6 x 9 inches
Format: Softcover
Available Date: January 1999
Published By: MorningStar Publications
ISBN: 1-929371-25-X
  192937125X (code)
  97818929371259 (upc)
  192937125X (isbn)
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Artist / Worship Leader / Worship Band
David Markee

Label / Series
MorningStar Publications

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  192937125X (code)
  97818929371259 (upc)
  192937125X (isbn)
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