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Title: The Graham Kendrick Collection
Subtitle: Over 150 of his Worship songs

Graham Kendrick songs are sung by millions of people in numerous languages around the world. To an unusual degree they have succeeded in crossing international, denominational and cultural as well as generational barriers. They vary across a wide range of styles and are as likely to be found in a liturgy as in a praise celebration, as much in a school as in a concert performance.

Included are some early 'concert classics' as well as some of his latest works.

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Song List
Above The Clash Of Creeds (No Other Way)
All Heaven Waits
All I Once Held Dear (Knowing You)
Amazing Grace (Amazing Grace-i Was Homeless)
And He Shall Reign
Another Bad Day At The World (Wish I Could Cry)
Beauty For Brokenness (God Of The Poor)
Be Holy
Be Patient Be Ready (White Horse)
Big Man
Broken Hearts
Celebrate Celebrate (Seven Reasons To Celebrate)
Christ Is King Of All Creation
Clear The Road (Prepare The Way)
Come And See (We Worship At Your Feet)
Come Bring An Offering Of Praise
Come Let Us Return
Come Let Us Worship Jesus (King Of The Nations)
Come On Let's Get Up And Go
Come See The Beauty Of The Lord
Declare His Glory
Far And Near (Say It Loud)
Father God We Worship You
Father Never Was Love So Near (Thanks Be To God)
Father Now That My Eyes Are Wider (Something Beautiful)
First Light
Fling Wide Your Doors
Footsteps On The Sea (Simon's Song)
For God So Loved The World
For The Joys And For The Sorrows (For This I Have Jesus)
For Zion's Sake (Royal Diadem)
From Heaven You Came (The Servant King)
From The Sun's Rising
From Where The Sun Rises
God Be Gracious
God Is Good
God Is Great
Hear O Lord Our Cry (Revive Us Again)
Hear Our Cry
He Is Here
Here In This Holy Place
Here Is Bread
He That Is In Us
He Walked Where I Walk (God With Us)
High Above The Dark Horizon (Morning Star)
How Can I Be Free From Sin (Lead Me To The Cross)
How Good And How Pleasant
How Still How Silent
Humbly We Gather Together (Our Eyes Are On You)
I Delight Greatly In The Lord
If Anyone Wants To Come After Me (Come Die Come Live)
If My People Who Bear My Name
If You Are Encouraged
I'm Special
In The Tomb So Cold (Christ Is Risen)
In Your Way
Is Anyone Thirsty
Is A Rich Man Worth More Than A Poor Man (How Much Do You Think You Are Worth)
I Took Me My Walking Shoes (Comforting Stranger)
I Want To Be A History Maker (History Makers)
I Will Build My Church
I Worship You O Lamb Of God
Jesus Christ Is Lord Of All (Jesus Is Our Battle Cry)
Jesus He Is The Light Of The World
Jesus' Love Has Got Under Our Skin (Under Our Skin)
Jesus Put This Song Into Our Hearts
Jesus Restore To Us Again
Jesus Stand Among Us
Joy To All The World (Anno Domini)
King Of Kings (The King Of Glory Comes)
Led Like A Lamb (You're Alive)
Let All The Earth
Let Every Voice Be Raised (King Of Glory)
Let God Arise
Let It Fill The Room
Let Me Do My Work Among You (Do Not Strive)
Let The Same Mind (God Has Exalted Him)
Lift High The Cross
Lift Up Your Heads (O You Gates)
Light Has Dawned
Look What God Has Done (And His Love Goes On And On)
Lord Have Mercy (Prayer Song)
Lord Have Mercy On This Nation
Lord Have Mercy On Us
Lord Make Us Still (May The Peace)
Lord The Light Of Your Love (Shine Jesus Shine)
Lord We Come In Your Name (Join Our Hearts)
Lord You Are So Precious To Me
Love Of Christ Come Now
Make Way Make Way
May Our Worship Be Acceptable
May The Fragrance
Meekness And Majesty (This Is Your God)
My Eyes May See The Coming (Fighter)
My Heart Is Full (All The Glory)
My Lord What Love Is This (Amazing Love)
Never Heard Anyone
No Need To Fear
No Scenes Of Stately Majesty
Now In Reverence And Awe (Jesus Let Me Meet You In Your Word)
O Father Of The Fatherless (Father Me)
O Give Thanks
O Heaven Is In My Heart (Heaven Is In My Heart)
Oh I Was Made For This (I Was Made For This)
Oh What A Morning (Christ Is Risen)
O Lord The Clouds Are Gathering
O Lord Your Tenderness
Once Upon A Universe
One Shall Tell Another (The Wine Of The Kingdom)
On The Blood-stained Ground (I Kneel Down)
On This Day Of Happiness (Three-part Harmony)
Open The Gates
Peace Be To These Streets
Peace I Give To You
Praise To Our God
Praise To The Lord
Quite Early On In Your Life (John Smith)
Reach Out And Take A Hand
Restore O Lord
Save The People
See Now Here He Comes
See Your Saviour Comes
Shout His Name
Shout The Lord Is Risen (The Day Of His Power)
Show Me A Vision
Show Your Power O Lord
Sing A New Song (Psalm 149)
Soften My Heart Lord
Stretch Out Your Hand
Such Love
Teach Me To Dance
Thank You For The Cross (O I Love You Lord)
The Earth Is The Lord's
The King Is Among Us
The Lord Is A Mighty King (Creation Creed)
The Lord Is King
The Lord Is Marching Out (O Give Thanks)
The Lord Will March Out
The Price Is Paid
There's A Sound On The Wind (Battle Hymn)
The Spirit Of The Lord
The Trumpets Sound The Angels Sing (The Feast Is Ready)
This Is My Beloved Son (That The Lamb Who Was Slain)
This Is The Year (Congregational Version)
This Is The Year (Performance Version)
Through Days Of Rage And Wonder
To Keep Your Lovely Face
To The King Eternal
To You O Lord I Lift Up My Soul
Treasures In The Darkness
Turn Our Hearts
Turn To Me And Be Saved
Wake Up O Sleeper
We Are Here To Praise You
We Are His Children (Go Forth In His Name)
We Are The Church (Here For Good)
We Believe
We Declare That The Kingdom Of God Is Here
Welcome The King
Well I Was Standing In The Shadows (Peter At The Breaking Of The Bread)
We'll Walk The Land (Let The Flame Burn Brighter)
We Shall Declare His Praise (We Are A Chosen People)
We Shall Stand
We Will Cross Every Border (Cross Every Border)
When The Lord Brought Us Back (Psalm 126)
Where Two Or Three
Whether You're One
Who Can Sound The Depths Of Sorrow
Who Sees It All
With My Whole Heart
Yes I Believe

Artist / Worship Leader / Worship Band
Graham Kendrick

Label / Series
Kevin Mayhew

Products / Media Formats
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  1840036303 (code)
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