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Title: The Bride's Anthem / Mike Bickle
Subtitle: Praying the Bible Series
Release date: November 2000

Adoring Prayers from the book of Revelation

'The Bride's Anthem' is part of an entirely new genre of recordings called the 'Praying the Bible' series. The 'PTB' series seeks to revive the ancient Hebrew practice of biblical meditation - namely, the Davidic combination of spoken prayers set to music and song. This unique combination models the pattern of audibly praying Scripture to God, supported by a prophetic flow of original music. The accompanying vocals reinforce what is being prayed.

In 'The Bride's Anthem,' Mike Bickle prays the Book of Revelation from the perspective of the adoring Bride longing for her soon coming Bridegroom. Most of the major themes of Revelations, as well as the revelatory hymns, are prayed as they are written, while still allowing for Spirit-led spontaneity and amplification. 'The Bride's Anthem' is like nothing you have ever heard. Be blessed as you meditate on 'your' future as the Bride of Christ

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Song List
The Unveiling Of Jesus
The Heavenly Bridegroom
To The One That Overcomes
The Father's Overwhelming Beauty
Adoring The Worthy Bridegroom
The Sixth Seal
Virgins In White
War In Heaven
The Seventh Seal
The Sea Of Fire
The Wedding Day
The Celestial City
Come Holy Bridegroom

Artist / Worship Leader / Worship Band
Mike Bickle

Label / Series
Independent Labels  ·  Revival Now

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  PTB06 (code)
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