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Title: The Beginner's Guide To Praise & Worship
Subtitle: Developing a Lifestyle of Worship
Release date: April 2003

Developing a Lifestyle of Worship

Gary Kinnaman

Compiled by: Gary Kinnaman.


In this short, readable, and inspiring book, top-selling author and pastor Gary Kinnaman explains the purpose, power, and practicalities of praise and worship in the Christian life. Readers will take away not only an eye-opening understanding of worship, but will also learn how to enter into expressive praise both at church and home. And the book shows us how to extend worship into our daily routines.
Table of Contents
  1. One Thing More Than Anything
    Why worship is the most important thing in life.
  2. Behold Your God!
    Who is the God we worship?
  3. Holy Awe
    Holy, Holy, Holy. God in Three Persons, blessed Trinity.
  4. You Had to Be There
    How we literally encounter and experience God in worship.
  5. Transformation
    Encountering God's presence in worship heals, restores, and changes us forever.
  6. Perfect Jesus, Take My Hand
    Worship is not something we do for God; it's what God does in us and through us.
  7. Wholehearted, Full-Bodied Praise
    How to praise the Lord, how to worship God.
  8. Monday Worship
    Worship isn't just singing really special songs; it's everything you do.
  9. Warfare Worship
    The necessity and power of worship in spiritual warfare
  10. Practicing Praise
    Getting you into God's presence right where you are.


Length: 145 pages
Size: 5 1/4 x 8 inches
Format: Softcover
Available Date: April 2003
Published By: Vine Books (Servant Publications)
ISBN: 1-56955-336-X
  156955336X (code)
  9781569553367 (upc)
  156955336X (isbn)
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Artist / Worship Leader / Worship Band
Gary Kinnaman

Label / Series
Servant Publications

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  156955336X (code)
  9781569553367 (upc)
  156955336X (isbn)
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