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Title: Spring Harvest - Worship Today
Subtitle: Songs and Hymns for the whole church

Worship Today is a new and unique resource that brings together the most popular songs and hymns being sung in the UK church today. Includes the 500 most popular songs & hymns together for the first time.

Features Include

  • top 500 songs and hymns
  • New layout
  • Practical indexing - thematic, Scripture, alphabetical
  • Lie-flat binding
  • Liturgy, prayers and Scripture
  • The complete church resource
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    Song List
    A New Commandment - Author Unknown Arr: Margaret Evans
    Abba Father - Dave Bilbrough
    Ah Lord God - Kay Chance
    All Around The World - Paul Oakley
    All Hail King Jesus - Dave Moody
    All Hail The Lamb - Dave Bilbrough
    All Heaven Declares - Noel & Tricia Richards
    All I Once Held Dear Knowing You - Graham Kendrick
    All My Days Beautiful Saviour - Stuart Townend
    All That I Am - James Wright
    All Over The World - Roy Turner
    Alleluia - Donald E Fishel
    Almighty God My Redeemer All Things Are Possible - Darlene Zschech
    Almighty God We Bring You Praise - Austin Martin
    Amazing Grace - John Newton
    An Army Of Ordinary People - Dave Bilbrough
    And Can It Be - Charles Wesley
    And He Shall Reign - Graham Kendrick
    Are We The People Last Generation - Noel & Tricia Richards
    As For Me And My House - Jim Bailey
    As Sure As Gold Is Precious Revival - Robin Mark
    As The Deer - Martin J Nystrom
    As Water To The Thirsty - Brian Coleman & Timothy Dudley-smith
    As We Are Gathered - John Daniels
    As We Seek - Dave Bilbrough
    Ascribe Greatness To Our God - Peter West Mary Lou Locke & Mary Kirkbride
    At The Foot Of The Cross - Derek Bond
    At The Name Of Jesus - John Michael Brierley
    At Your Feet We Fall - David Fellingham
    Be Bold Be Strong - Morris Chapman
    Be Free In The Love Of God - Dave Bilbrough
    Be Still And Know - Lex Loizides
    Be Still And Know - Author Unknown
    Be Still For The Presence Of The Lord - David J Evans
    Be Thou My Vision - Tr Mary E Byrne & Eleanor H Hull
    Beautiful Lord The Potter's Hand - Darlene Zschech
    Beauty For Brokenness God Of The Poor - Graham Kendrick
    Before The Throne Of God Above - Vikki Cook & Charitie L Bancroft
    Behold The Lord - Noel Richards & Gerald Coates
    Bind Us Together - Bob Gillman
    Blessed Be The Name Of The Lord - Kevin Prosch & Danny Daniels
    Blessing And Honour Ancient Of Days - Jamie Harvill & Gary Sadler
    Bless The Lord O My Soul - Author Unknown
    Breathe On Me Breath Of God - Edwin Hatch
    Breathe On Me Breath Of God - Edwin Hatch/David Fellingham
    Breathe On Me Spirit Of Jesus - Tina Pownall
    Broken For Me - Janet Lunt
    Brother Let Me Be Your Servant The Servant Song - Richard Gillard Arr Betty Pulkingham
    By His Grace - Steve Fry Arr Andrew Moore
    By Your Side - Noel & Tricia Richards
    Can A Nation Be Changed - Matt Redman
    Called To A Battle Thunder In The Skies - Noel & Tricia Richards
    Can I Ascend I'm Coming Up The Mountain - Matt Redman
    Celebrate Jesus Celebrate - Gary Oliver
    Change My Heart O God - Eddie Espinosa
    Christ Is Risen - Chris Rolinson
    Christ Triumphant Ever Reigning - Michael Saward
    Christ's Is The World In Which We Move A Touching Place - John L Bell And Graham Maule
    Colours Of Day Light Up The Fire - Sue Mcclellan John Pac & Keith Ryecroft
    Come And See - Graham Kendrick
    Come Let Us Sing - Brent Chambers
    Come Let Us Worship Jesus King Of The Nations - Graham Kendrick
    Come And Praise Him Royal Priesthood - Andy Carter
    Come Now Is The Time To Worship - Brian Doerksen
    Come On And Celebrate - Trish Morgan & Dave Bankhead
    Crown Him With Many Crowns - Matthew Bridges & Godfrey Thring
    Create In Me - David Fellingham
    Days Of Heaven Lord Send The Rain - David Fellingham
    Darkness Like A Shroud Arise Shine - Graham Kendrick
    Did You Feel The Mountains Tremble - Martin Smith
    Do Not Be Afraid - Gerard Markland Arr Roland Fudge
    Don't Let My Love Grow Cold Light The Fire Again - Brian Doerksen
    Down The Mountain The River Is Here - Andy Park
    Draw Me Closer Lord - Stuart Devane & Glenn Gore
    Draw Me Close - Kelly Carpenter
    Emmanuel - Bob Mcgee
    El-shaddai - Michael Card & John Thompson
    Exalt The Lord Our God - Rick Ridings
    Faithful God - Chris Bowater
    Faithful One - Brian Doerksen
    Far Above All Other Loves - David Fellingham
    Far And Near Say It Loud - Graham Kendrick
    Father God Fill This Place - Dave Bilbrough
    Father God I Wonder - Ian Smale
    Father Hear Our Prayer - Andy Piercy
    Father I Place Into Your Hands - Jenny Hewer
    Father In Heaven How We Love You Blessed Be The Lord God Almighty - Bob Fitts
    Father Of Creation Let Your Glory Fall - David Ruis
    Father Of Life Draw Me Closer Let The Peace Of God Reign - Darlene Zschech
    Father We Adore You - Terrye Coelho
    Father We Love You Glorify Thy Name - Donna Adkins
    Filled With Compassion - Noel & Tricia Richards
    Fire There's A Fire - Paul Oakley
    Focus My Eyes - Ian White
    For I'm Building A People Of Power - Dave Richards
    For The Joys And For The Sorrows For This I Have Jesus - Graham Kendrick
    For This Purpose - Graham Kendrick
    For Thou O Lord Art High I Exalt Thee - Peter Sanchez Jnr
    For We See Jesus - Sue Hutchinson
    From Heaven You Came The Servant King - Graham Kendrick
    Friend Of Sinners - Matt Redman
    From The Rising Of The Sun - Paul S Deming
    From The Squalor Immanuel - Stuart Townend
    From The Sun's Rising - Graham Kendrick
    From Where The Sun Rises - Graham Kendrick
    Give Me A Heart Of Compassion Enable Your Servants - Jim Bailey
    Give Thanks - Henry Smith
    Give Me Oil In My Lamp Sing Hosanna - Words: A Sevison Music: Anon Arr: Stuart Townend
    Go Forth And Tell - Michael Baughen & James E Seddon
    Glory Glory In The Highest - Danny Daniels
    God Forgave My Sin Freely Freely - Carol Owens
    God Is Good All The Time - Don Moen & Paul Overstreet
    God Is Good We Sing And Shout It - Graham Kendrick
    God Is Our Father - Alex Simons & Freda Kimmey
    God Of Glory - David Fellingham
    God Of Grace - Chris Bowater
    God Sent His Son Because He Lives - Gloria & William J Gaither
    Good News - Graham Kendrick
    Great Is The Darkness Come Lord Jesus - Noel Richards & Gerald Coates
    Great Is The Lord - Steve Mcewan
    Great Is He Who's The King Of Kings - Author Unknown
    Great Is Your Faithfulness - Thomas O Chisholm
    Guide Me O Thou Great Jehovah - John Hughes/William Williams (1717-91) Tr Peter Williams (1727-96)
    Hallelujah My Father - Tim Cullen
    Hallelujah For The Lord Our God The Almighty Reigns - Dale Garratt
    Have You Heard The Good News - Stuart Garrard
    Have You Not Said Fill Us Up And Send Us Out - Matt Redman
    He Brought Me To His Banqueting Table His Banner Over Me - Kevin Prosch
    He Is Exalted - Twila Paris
    He Has Risen - Gerald Coates Noel & Tricia Richards
    He's Given Me A Garment Of Praise Garment Of Praise - David J Hadden
    He Is Lord - Author Unknown
    He Is The Lord Show Your Power - Kevin Prosch
    He That Is In Us - Graham Kendrick
    He Walked Where I Walk God With Us - Graham Kendrick
    He Was Pierced - Maggi Dawn
    Hear These Praises Love You So Much - Russell Fragar
    Here I Am And I Have Come I Will Always Love Your Name - Paul Oakley
    Here I Am Once Again Pour Out My Heart - Craig Musseau
    Here I Am Wholly Available - Chris Bowater
    Here Is Bread - Graham Kendrick
    Here Is The Risen Son - Michael Sandeman
    Here Is Love - William Rees
    His Name Is Wonderful - Audrey Mieir
    His Love - David Ruis
    Hold Me Lord - Danny Daniels
    Hold Me Closer To You Each Day May I Never Lose Sight Of You - Noel & Tricia Richards
    Holiness Unto The Lord - Danny Daniels
    Holy Holy Holy Holy - Jimmy Collins-owens
    Holy Holy Holy Is The Lord - Author Unknown
    Holy Holy Holy Is The Lord God Almighty - Nathan Fellingham
    Holy Holy Holy Lord God Almighty - Dykes & Heber
    Hosanna - Carl Tuttle
    Holy Spirit We Welcome You - Chris Bowater
    How Can I Be Free From Sin Lead Me To The Cross Of Jesus - Graham Kendrick & Steve Thompson
    How Deep The Father's Love For Us - Stuart Townend
    How Good And How Pleasant - Graham Kendrick
    How Lovely Is Thy Dwelling Place - Author Unknown Arr: Stuart Townend
    How Lovely Is Your Dwelling Place Better Is One Day - Matt Redman
    How Wonderful How Glorious - Dave Bilbrough
    How Lovely On The Mountains Our God Reigns - Leonard E Smith Jnr
    How Precious O Lord - Phil Rogers
    I Am A New Creation - Dave Bilbrough
    I Am The Bread Of Life - Suzanne S Toolan
    I Am Yours Pure Like You - David Gate
    I Believe In Jesus - Marc Nelson
    I Believe There Is A God In Heaven - Dave Bilbrough
    I Could Sing Unending Songs The Happy Song - Martin Smith
    I Don't Know Why All I Know - Noel & Tricia Richards & Wayne Drain
    I Get So Excited Lord I'm Forgiven - Mick Ray
    I Give You All The Honour I Worship You - Carl Tuttle
    I Hear The Sound Of Rustling - Ronnie Wilson
    I Know A Place At The Cross - Randy & Terry Butler
    I Just Want To Praise You - Arthur Tannous
    I Lift My Eyes To The Quiet Hills - Michael Baughen & Elisabeth Crocker Words By Timothy Dudley-smith
    I Lift My Eyes Up - Brian Doerksen
    I Lift My Hands I Will Serve No Foreign God - Andre Kempen
    I Live - Rich Cook
    I Love You Lord - Laurie Klein
    I See The Lord - Chris Falson
    I Sing A Simple Song Of Love Arms Of Love - Craig Musseau
    I Sing Praises To Your Name - Terry Macalmon
    I Stand Amazed In The Presence - Charles H Gabriel
    I Stand Amazed When I Realise - Paul Oakley
    I Walk By Faith - Chris Falson
    I Want To Be Out Of My Depth In Your Love - Doug Horley & Noel Richards
    I Want To Serve The Purpose Of God In My Generation - Mark Altrogge
    I Want To Walk With Jesus Christ - Words: C Simmonds Music: Swiss Folk Melody
    I Want To Worship The Lord - Robert Cameron
    I Was Once In Darkness - Joan Parsons
    I Will Enter His Gates He Has Made Me Glad - Leona Von Brethorst
    I Will Build My Church - Graham Kendrick
    I Will Dance Undignified - Matt Redman
    I Will Give Thanks To Thee Be Exalted O God - Brent Chambers
    I Will Offer Up My Life - Matt Redman
    I Will Seek Your Face - Noel & Tricia Richards
    I Will Sing The Wondrous Story - Rowland Hugh Prichard (1811-87) & Francis Harold Rawley (1854-1952)
    I Will Sing Unto The Lord - Donna Brockway
    I Will Speak Out - D Bankhead/R Goudie/S Rinaldi/S Bassett
    I Will Worship You Are Worthy Of My Praise - David Ruis
    I Will Love You For The Cross For The Cross - Matt Redman
    I Worship You Almighty God - Sondra Corbett
    If I Were A Butterfly - Brian Howard
    Immanuel O Immanuel - Graham Kendrick
    I'm Accepted - Rob Hayward
    I'm Special - Graham Kendrick
    In Every Circumstance Of Life - David Fellingham
    In Heavenly Armour The Battle Belongs To The Lord - Jamie Owens-collins
    In Moments Like These - David Graham
    In My Life Lord Be Glorified - Bob Kilpatrick
    Into The Darkness Of This World - Maggi Dawn
    In The Tomb So Cold They Laid Him Christ Is Risen - Graham Kendrick
    Isn't He Beautiful - John Wimber
    Is Anyone Thirsty - Graham Kendrick
    Is It True Today History Maker - Martin Smith
    It Is The Cry Of My Heart - Terry Butler
    It's Rising Up - Matt Redman & Martin Smith
    It's Your Blood - Michael Christ
    Jehovah Jireh My Provider - Merla Watson
    Jesus All For Jesus - Robin Mark & Jennifer Atkinson
    Jesus At Your Name You Are The Christ - Chris Bowater
    Jesus Be The Centre - Michael Frye
    Jesus Christ I Think Upon Your Sacrifice Once Again - Matt Redman
    Jesus Christ Is The Lord Of All - Steve Israel & Gerrit Gustafson
    Jesus God's Righteousness Revealed This Kingdom - Geoff Bullock
    Jesus How Lovely You Are - Dave Bolton
    Jesus I Love You - Judith Butler And Paul Hemingway
    Jesus Is King - Wendy Churchill
    Jesus Is Lord - David J Mansell
    Jesus Is The Name We Honour - Philip Lawson-johnston
    Jesus Jesus Healer Saviour - David Fellingham
    Jesus Jesus Holy And Anointed One - John Barnett
    Jesus King Of Kings - Chris Rolinson
    Jesus Lover Of My Soul All Consuming Fire It's All About You - Paul Oakley
    Jesus Lover Of My Soul Jesus I Will Never Let You Go - John Ezzy Daniel Grul & Stephen Mcpherson
    Jesus Lover Of My Soul Let Me To Thy Bosom Fly - Words: Charles Wesley Music: Joseph Parry (1841-1903_
    Jesus Jesus Jesus Your Love Has Melted My Heart - Chris Bowater
    Jesus Name Above All Names - Naida Hearn
    Jesus Put This Song Into Our Hearts - Graham Kendrick
    Jesus Restore To Us Again - Graham Kendrick
    Jesus Shall Take The Highest Honour - Chris Bowater
    Jesus Take Me As I Am - Dave Bryant
    Jesus Stand Among Us - Graham Kendrick
    Jesus What A Beautiful Name - Tanya Riches
    Jesus We Celebrate Your Victory - John Gibson
    Jesus We Enthrone You - Paul Kyle
    Jesus You Are Changing Me - Marilyn Baker
    Jesus You Are The Radiance - David Fellingham
    Jubilate Everybody Jubilate Deo - Fred Dunn
    Just Like You Promised - Patty Kennedy Marine
    Just Let Me Say How Much I Love You - Geoff Bullock
    King Of Kings Majesty - Jarrod Cooper
    Lamb Of God I Exalt You - Chris Bowater
    Led Like A Lamb - Graham Kendrick
    Let Everything That Has Breath - Matt Redman
    Let It Be To Me - Graham Kendrick
    Let Me Have My Way Among You - Graham Kendrick
    Let Our Praise To You Be As Incense - Brent Chambers
    Let There Be Joy - Bruce Napier
    Let There Be Love - Dave Bilbrough
    Let Your Living Water Flow - John Watson
    Lift Up Your Heads - Steve Fry
    Living Under The Shadow Of His Wing - David J Hadden & Bob Silvester
    Light Has Dawned - Graham Kendrick
    Lord Come And Heal Your Church - Chris Rolinson
    Lord For The Years - Timothy Dudley-smith & Michael Baughen
    Lord How Majestic You Are - Stuart Townend
    Lord I Am Not My Own What I Have Vowed - Matt Redman
    Lord I Come Before Your Throne Of Grace What A Faithful God Have I - Robert & Dawn Critchley
    Lord I Come To You The Power Of Your Love - Geoff Bullock
    Lord I Long To See You Glorified Lord Of All - Steve Mcpherson
    Lord I Lift Your Name On High - Rick Founds
    Lord Jesus Christ - Patrick Appleford
    Lord Let Your Glory Fall - Matt Redman
    Lord My Heart Cries Out Glory To The King - Darlene Zschech
    Lord Make Me An Instrument Instrument Of Worship - Author Unknown Arr Margaret Evans
    Lord Of All Hopefulness - Irish Traditional Melody Words: Jan Struther
    Lord Of Lords King Of Kings - Jessy Dixon Randy Scruggs & John Thompson
    Lord Pour Out Your Spirit Great Awakening - Ray Goudie Dave Bankhead & Steve Bassett
    Lord The Light Of Your Love Shine Jesus Shine - Graham Kendrick
    Lord We Long For You Heal Our Nation - Trish Morgan Ray Goudie Ian Townend Dave Bankhead
    Lord You Are More Precious Than Silver - Lynn Deshazo
    Lord You Have My Heart - Martin Smith
    Lord You Are So Precious To Me - Graham Kendrick
    Love Beyond Measure - Dave Bilbrough
    Love Divine - Charles Wesley
    Love Songs From Heaven - Noel & Tricia Richards
    Majesty - Jack Hayford
    Make Way Make Way - Graham Kendrick
    May The Fragrance - Graham Kendrick
    Meekness And Majesty This Is Your God - Graham Kendrick
    Men Of Faith Shout To The North - Martin Smith
    Mighty God - Chris Bowater & Mark & Helen Johnson
    Mighty Is Our God - Eugene Greco Gerrit Gustafson & Don Moen
    More Love More Power - Jude Del Hierro
    More Than Oxygen - Brian Doerksen
    Morning Has Broken - Gaelic Melody Words: Eleanor Farjeon (1881-1965)
    My First Love Like A Child - Stuart Townend
    My Heart Is Full All The Glory - Graham Kendrick
    My Jesus My Saviour Shout To The Lord - Darlene Zschech
    My Jesus My Lifeline - Tim Hughes
    My Lips Shall Praise You Restorer Of My Soul - Noel & Tricia Richards
    My Life Is In You Lord - Daniel Gardner
    My Lord What Love Is This Amazing Love - Graham Kendrick
    My Peace - Keith Routledge
    Name Of All Majesty - Timothy Dudley-smith
    No Eye Has Seen How High And High Wide - Mark Altrogge
    No Longer Mine Lord Covenant Song - Geoff Baker
    No Other Name - Robert Gay
    No Scenes Of Stately Majesty - Graham Kendrick
    No-one But You Lord Only You - Andy Park
    Nothing Shall Separate Us - Noel & Tricia Richards
    O Father Of The Fatherless Father Me - Graham Kendrick
    O God Most High Almighty King You Have Broken The Chains - Jamie Owens-collins
    O God Of Burning Cleansing Flame Send The Fire - William Booth
    O Give Thanks - Joanne Pond
    O Holy Spirit Breathe On Me - Norman Warren
    O Heaven Is In My Heart - Graham Kendrick
    O Jesus I Have Promised - Basil Harwood (1859-1949) John Ernest Bode (1816-74)
    O Let The Son Of God Enfold You Spirit Song - John Wimber
    O Lord Hear My Prayer - Jacques Berthier
    O Lord I Want To Sing Your Praises Alleluia - Andy Park
    O Lord My God How Great Thou Art - Stuart K Hine
    O Lord Our God We Will Magnify - Philip Lawson Johnston
    O Lord Our Lord How Majestic Is Your Name - Michael W Smith
    O Lord The Clouds Are Gathering - Graham Kendrick
    O Lord Your Tenderness - Graham Kendrick
    O Soul Are You Weary And Troubled Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus - Helen H Lemmel
    O The Valleys Shall Ring - Dave Bilbrough
    Oh The Mercy Of God - Geoff Bullock
    Oh Our Lord And King King Forever - Alan Rose
    One More Step - Sydney Carter
    One Shall Tell Another The Wine Of The Kingdom - Graham Kendrick
    One Thing I Ask - Andy Park
    Only By Grace - Gerrit Gustafson
    Open Our Eyes - Bob Cull
    Open Your Eyes - Carl Tuttle
    Our Confidence Is In The Lord - Noel & Tricia Richards
    Our God Is Great - Dave Bilbrough
    Our God Is An Awesome God Awesome God - Rich Mullins
    Overwhelmed By Love - Noel Richards
    Over All The Earth Lord Reign In Me - Brenton Brown
    Over The Mountains I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever - Martin Smith
    Peace I Give To You - Graham Kendrick
    Peace Like A River - John Watson
    Peace Perfect Peace - Kevin Mayhew
    Peace To You - Graham Kendrick
    Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow Doxology - Andy Piercy & Dave Clifton
    Praise Him On The Trumpet - John Kennett
    Praise My Soul The King Of Heaven - Henry F Lyte
    Praise The Lord Psalm 134 - Ian White
    Praise The Name Of Jesus - Roy Hicks Jnr
    Praise You Lord - Nettie Rose
    Purify My Heart Refiner's Fire - Brian Doerksen
    Quiet My Mind - Tracy Yoho Orrison
    Reconciled - Mike Kerry
    Rejoice Rejoice - Graham Kendrick
    Reign In Me - Chris Bowater
    Restore O Lord - Graham Kendrick & Chris Rolinson
    River Wash Over Me - Dougie Brown
    Safe In The Shadow Of The Lord - Norman Warren & Timothy Dudley-smith
    Salvation Belongs To Our God - Adrian Howard & Pat Turner
    Say The Word - Stuart Townend
    Search Me O God All Consuming Fire - Paul Oakley
    Seek Ye First - Karen Lafferty
    Send Me Out From Here - John Pantry
    Shout For Joy And Sing Let Your Praises Ring - Dave Bilbrough
    Shout For Joy And Sing Your Praises To The King - David Fellingham
    Show Me The Way Of The Cross - Matt Redman
    Show Your Power O Lord - Graham Kendrick
    Sing A Song Of Celebration We Will Dance - David Ruis
    Sing To God New Songs - Ludwig Van Beethoven (1770-1827) & Michael Baughen
    Sing To The Lord Awaken The Dawn - Stuart Garrard
    So Freely - Dave Bilbrough
    Soon And Very Soon - Andrae Crouch
    Sound The Trumpet - Dave Bilbrough
    Soften My Heart - Graham Kendrick
    Spirit Of God - Chris Bowater
    Spirit Of The Living God - Paul Armstrong
    Spirit Of The Living God - Daniel Iverson
    Standing In Your Presence I Live To Know You - Darlene Zschech
    Such Love Pure As The Whitest Snow - Graham Kendrick
    Such Love Such Grace - Dave Bryant
    Surely Our God Revealer Of Mysteries - David & Liz Morris
    Take Us To The River - Robin Mark
    Teach Me To Dance - Graham Kendrick & Steve Thompson
    Tell Out My Soul - Timothy Dudley-smith
    Thank You Lord For This Fine Day - Diane Davis Andrew
    Thank You For Saving Me - Martin Smith
    Thank You For The Cross - Graham Kendrick
    Thank You Jesus - Alison Revell (Nee Huntley)
    Thank You Thank You For The Blood - Matt Redman
    The Church's One Foundation - Dave Bilbrough
    The Cross Has Said It All - Matt Redman & Martin Smith
    The Crucible For Silver - Martin Smith
    The Earth Is The Lord's - Graham Kendrick
    The King Of Love Is My Delight The King Has Come - Stuart Townend
    The King Of Love My Shepherd Is - Dykes & Baker
    The King Of Love My Shepherd Is - Trad Irish Melody & Baker
    The King Is Among Us - Graham Kendrick
    The Lord Has Led Forth - Chris Bowater
    The Light Of Christ - Donald E Fishel
    The Lord Is Marching Out O Give Thanks - Graham Kendrick
    The Lord Reigns - Dan Stradwick
    The Lord's My Shepherd - Jessie Seymour Irvine (1836-87)
    The Lord's My Shepherd - Stuart Townend
    The Price Is Paid - Graham Kendrick
    The Spirit Of The Sovereign Lord This Is The Year - Andy Park
    The Spirit Lives To Set Us Free Walk In The Light - Damian Lundy
    The Steadfast Love - Edith Mcneill
    The World Is Looking For A Hero Champion - Noel & Tricia Richards
    The Trumpets Sound The Feast Is Ready - Graham Kendrick
    There Is A Redeemer - Melody Green
    There Is A Louder Shout To Come - Paul Oakley
    There Is A Voice Jesus Friend Of Sinners - Paul Oakley
    There Is None Like You - Lenny Leblanc
    There Is Power In The Name Of Jesus - Noel Richards
    There's A Place Because Of You - Paul Oakley
    There's A Sound On The Wind Battle Hymn - Graham Kendrick
    There's A Wideness In God's Mercy - After P W Faber Word & Music: Geoff Baker
    There's A Wind A-blowing Sweet Wind - David Ruis
    These Are The Days Of Elijah Days Of Elijah - Robin Mark
    Therefore The Redeemed - Ruth Lake
    Thine Be The Glory - Edmond L Budry
    This Earth Belongs To God - Music: Jeremiah Clarke (1670-1707) Words: Christopher Idle
    This Is My Desire Lord I Give You My Heart - Reuben Morgan
    This Is The Day - Les Garrett
    This Is The Place Holy Ground - Dave Bilbrough
    Thou Art Worthy - Pauline Michael Mills
    Through Our God We Shall Do Valiantly - Dale Garratt
    Thy Word - Amy Grant & Michael W Smith
    To Be In Your Presence This Is My Desire - Noel Richards
    To God Be The Glory - Fanny J Crosby
    To You O Lord - Graham Kendrick
    To Your Majesty I Surrender - Sue Rinaldi & Steve Bassett
    Wake Up O Sleeper - Graham Kendrick
    We Are A Chosen People - David J Hadden
    We Are Marching - Tr Anders Nyberg
    We Are Here To Praise You - Graham Kendrick
    We Are His Children Go Forth In His Name - Graham Kendrick
    We Believe - Graham Kendrick
    We Bow Down - Viola Grafstrom
    We Bring The Sacrifice Of Praise - Kirk Dearman
    We Declare Your Majesty - Malcolm De Plessis
    We Really Want To Thank You Lord - Edward Baggett
    We Have Sung Our Songs Of Victory How Long - Stuart Townend
    We Know That All Things We Are More Than Conquerors - David J Hadden
    We Shall Stand - Graham Kendrick
    We Sing Your Mercies - Mark Altrogge
    We Want To See Jesus Lifted High - Doug Horley
    We Will Give Ourselves No Rest Knocking On The Door Of Heaven - Steve Cantellow & Matt Redman
    We Will Seek Your Face Touching Heaven Changing Earth - Reuben Morgan
    Welcome King Of Kings - Noel Richards
    We'll Walk The Land Let The Flame Burn Brighter - Graham Kendrick
    We're Looking To Your Promise Of Old Send Revival - Matt Redman
    Well I Hear They're Singing I've Found Jesus - Martin Smith
    What A Friend I've Found - Martin Smith
    What A Friend We Have In Jesus Calon Lan - Trad Arranged By Mal Pope
    What A Friend We Have In Jesus - Music: Charles C Converse (1832-1918) Words: Joseph M Scriven (1819-86)
    What Love Is This I Surrender - Dave Bilbrough
    What Kind Of Love Is This - Bryn & Sally Haworth
    When I Look Into Your Holiness - Wayne & Cathy Perrin
    When I Feel The Touch - Keri Jones & David Matthews
    When I Needed A Neighbour - Sydney Carter
    When I Survey - Issac Watts
    When I Survey - Issac Watts
    When The Music Fades The Heart Of Worship - Matt Redman
    Where There Once Was Only Hurt Mourning Into Dancing - Tommy Walker
    Who Can Sound The Depths Of Sorrow - Graham Kendrick
    Who Is There Like You - Paul Oakley
    Who Paints The Skies River Of Fire - Stuart Townend
    Wind Wind Blow On Me - Jane And Betsy Clowe
    With My Whole Heart - Graham Kendrick
    Within The Veil - Ruth Dryden
    Wonderful Grace - John Pantry
    Worthy O Worthy Are You Lord - Mark S Kinzer
    You Are A Holy God - Brian Duane & Kathryn Scott
    You Are Beautiful Beyond Description I Stand In Awe - Mark Altrogge
    You Are Crowned With Many Crowns - John Sellers
    You Are Merciful To Me - Ian White
    You Are Mighty - Craig Musseau
    You Are My Hiding Place - Michael Ledner
    You Are My Passion - Noel & Tricia Richards
    You Are The Holy One We Exalt Your Name - Andy Park
    You Are The King Of Glory Hosanna To The Son Of David - Mavis Ford
    You Are The Mighty King - Eddie Espinosa
    You Are The Perfect And Righteous God I Come By The Blood - Steve & Vikki Cook
    You Are The Vine - Danny Daniels & Randy Rigby
    You Did Not Wait For Me I'm Forever Grateful - Mark Altrogge
    You Have Shown Me I Give Thanks - Brian Thiessen
    You Have Called Us Chosen Take Our Lives - Andy Park
    You Laid Aside Your Majesty - Noel Richards
    You Make Your Face To Shine On Me And That My Soul Knows Very Well - Darlene Zschech & Russell Fragar
    You O Lord - Mark Veary & Paul Oakley
    You Shall Go Out With Joy The Trees Of The Field - Steffi Geiser Rubin & Stuart Dauermann
    You're The Lion Of Judah - Robin Mark
    Your Eye Is On The Sparrow I Will Run To You - Darlene Zschech
    Your Love O Lord I Will Exalt You Oh Lord - Peggy Caswell
    Your Mercy Flows - Wes Sutton
    Your Love Shining Like The Sun Pour Over Me - Stuart Townend

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    ICC  ·  Spring Harvest

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  • Spring Harvest - Live Worship 1998 - FOREIGN IMPORT
  • Spring Harvest - Live Worship 1999 - FOREIGN IMPORT
  • Spring Harvest - Live Worship 2000 - FOREIGN IMPORT
  • Spring Harvest - Live Worship 2001 - FOREIGN IMPORT
  • Spring Harvest - Live Worship 2002 - FOREIGN IMPORT
  • Spring Harvest - Live Worship 2003 - FOREIGN IMPORT
  • Spring Harvest - Live Worship 2004 - FOREIGN IMPORT
  • Spring Harvest - New Songs 1999 - Backing Tracks CD - FOREIGN IMPORT
  • Spring Harvest - New Songs 2000 - Backing Tracks CD - FOREIGN IMPORT
  • Spring Harvest - New Songs 2000 - FOREIGN IMPORT
  • Spring Harvest - New Songs 2001 - Backing Tracks CD - FOREIGN IMPORT
  • Spring Harvest - New Songs 2001 - FOREIGN IMPORT
  • Spring Harvest - New Songs 2002 - Backing Tracks CD - FOREIGN IMPORT
  • Spring Harvest - New Songs 2002 - FOREIGN IMPORT
  • Spring Harvest - New Songs 2003 - 12 New Worship Songs for Spring Harvest
  • Spring Harvest - New Songs 2003 - Backing Tracks CD - 12 New Worship Songs for Spring Harvest
  • Spring Harvest - New Songs 2004/05 - 12 New Songs for Spring Harvest
  • Spring Harvest - New Songs 2004/05 - Backing Tracks CD - 12 New Songs for Spring Harvest
  • Spring Harvest - Praise 2000 Music Edition - FOREIGN IMPORT / Includes over 150 Songs
  • Spring Harvest - Praise Mix 1999 - FOREIGN IMPORT
  • Spring Harvest - Praise Mix 2000 - FOREIGN IMPORT
  • Spring Harvest - Praise Mix 2001 - FOREIGN IMPORT
  • Spring Harvest - Praise Mix 2002 - FOREIGN IMPORT
  • Spring Harvest - The Best of Kid's Praise & Little Kids Praise - FOREIGN IMPORT
  • Spring Harvest - The Ultimate Praise Mix - FOREIGN IMPORT
  • Spring Harvest - Worship Rediscovered - FOREIGN IMPORT / Turning the heart back to worship
  • Spring Harvest - Worship Today - Words Only Edition - Songs and Hymns for the whole church
  • Spring Harvest Hymns - Great Is Thy Faithfulness - FOREIGN IMPORT
  • Spring Harvest Praise - New Songs for 2001 - FOREIGN IMPORT / Includes 113 Songs
  • Spring Harvest Praise 2002 - FOREIGN IMPORT / Includes 140 Songs
  • Spring Harvest Praise 2002 - Words Only - FOREIGN IMPORT / Includes 140 Songs
  • Spring Harvest Praise 2003 - Includes 150 Songs
  • Spring Harvest Praise 2003 - Words Only - Includes 150 Songs
  • Spring Harvest Praise 2004/05 - Includes 150 Songs
  • Spring Harvest Praise 2004/05 - Words Only - Includes 150 Songs
  • Spring Harvest Praise 2005/06 - Includes 130 Songs
  • Ultimate Kids Praise - 60 All Time Classic Kids Praise Songs

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