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Title: Songs From The Great Revivals
Subtitle: Brownsville Worship

The concept...

For hundreds of years God has chosen seasons of refreshing, awakening,outpouring or revival. There is no sure way to predict when one of theseevents will happen or what shape it will take . The one certainty is that they dohappen and that God sends them to correct, strengthen and rekindle the fire ofHis church.

We wondered what kind of music accompanied these moves of God. Whatwould it be like to revisit the music of these meetings? We decided to researchthe music of the past Awakenings and the results have produced our newestrecording- 'Songs From The Great Revivals!'

Billy and Isabel Simpson, my friends who had the original idea for thisrecording, are worship leaders from Sunderland, England who have been apart of renewal meetings for the past few years. Billy and Isabel work with Kenand Lois Gott whose hearts are ablaze with revival -- and a desire to see itspread throughout the world. Ken is the president of Revival Now-a ministryfocused on revival.

I hope that everyone who listens to this recording will have a renewed passionto pray that God will Send The Fire once again to this world 'To burn up everytrace of sin, To bring the light and glory in, The revolution now begins'!

Lindell Cooley
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Song List
And Can It Be That I Should Gain
Be Thou My Vision
Guide Me O Thou Great Jehovah
Fill Me Now
There'll Be No Dark Valley / How Marvelous How Wonderful
Lion Of Judah
Send The Fire
Here Is Love
Love Lifted Me
O Sacred Head Now Wounded

Artist / Worship Leader / Worship Band
Lindell Cooley
Isabel Simpson

Label / Series
Music Missions

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