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Title: Seek My Face - David Baroni
Subtitle: KingdomSongs

In a desire to be 'Spirit-led' rather than 'market-driven,' David Baroni has produced this collection of songs that hopefully reflects the heart of our God. Some of these songs are prophetic (i.e., from God's perspective), David trusts they all will minister His life, spirit, word and grace to you. Let's be among those in these days who hear the cry of the Bridegroom to 'look past my hand of blessing and - Seek My Face!'
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Song List
Holy Spirit Glorify The Christ Within
Here In Your Throneroom
Consume Me With Your Fire
Vessel Of Worship
There Is A Generation
Fountain Of Life
Love In My Heart
Do Not Fear The Desert
Hallelujahs To The Lamb
Beulah Land (Featuring Rita Baroni)
Seek My Face

Artist / Worship Leader / Worship Band
David Baroni

Label / Series
Independent Labels  ·  KingdomSongs

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