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Title: Praying the Scriptures - Evan B. Howard
Subtitle: A Field Guide for Your Spiritual Journey
Release date: January 1999

A Field Guide for Your Spiritual Journey

Evan B. Howard

Overview / About the Book

Although Christians are lovers of the Bible, not all have learned and followed the venerable Christian custom of praying directly from Scripture. In this thoroughly readable and helpful book, Evan Howard shows Christians how to recover and reap the rewards of this vital practice.

Praying the Scriptures features down-to-earth guidance on praying the Lord's Prayer and the Psalms, on praying out of the Scriptures for worship, thanksgiving, revival and personal needs. It includes a clear and thorough listing of biblical passages for a variety of prayers.

Free of gimmickry but full of practical advice, this book is for new Christians and those who desire a deeper, more biblically saturated prayer life.

Features & Benefits
  • a practical guide to praying the Scriptures
  • shows how the Bible can enrich and saturate our prayer lives
  • includes several lists of passages suitable for praying
  • meditative and inviting without being intimidating
  • focuses on the Lord's Prayer, key Psalms and other significant passages for prayer
  • ideal for new Christians as well as long-time disciples
Table of Contents

Introduction: A Field Guide to Biblical Prayer

Part 1: A Guide to Praying the Scriptures
1. Praying the Scriptures
2. The Model Prayer of Our Lord
3. Praying the Psalms
4. Worship, Praise & Thanksgiving with the Scripture
5. Biblical Meditation
6. Petition & Intercession: Praying for Our Needs
7. Revival Prayer & Praying the Promises of Scripture
8. Confession & Self-Examination
9. Deliverance Prayer: Praying the "Enemy" Psalms
10. When Prayer Goes Unanswered

Part 2: A Guide to Scriptures for Prayer
List A: Praying the Lord's Prayer (Especially for use with chapter two)
List B: Psalms Listed by Mood (Especially for use with chapters three and nine)
List C: Scripture Passages for Worship & Thanksgiving (Especially for use with chapter four)
List D: Theological Meditation (Especially for use with chapter five)
List E: Gospel Meditaiton (Especially for use with chpter five)
List F: Praying for Personal & Corporate Needs (Especially for use with chapter six)
List G: Prayers for Mercy & Revival (Especially for use with chapter seven)
List H: A Few Promises to Use in Prayer (Especially for use with chapter seven)
List I: Commandments & Scriptural Exhortations (Especially for use with chapter eight)
Length: 137 pages
Size: 5 1/2 x 8 1/4 inches
Binding: paper
Publish Date: January 1999
Published By: InterVarsity Press
ISBN: 0-8308-2201-1
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Evan B. Howard

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