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Title: Prayers for X-treme Disciples
Subtitle: Praying the Bible Series

"Prayers for X-treme Disciples" is like nothing you have ever heard. As part of the "Praying the Bible" series "...X-treme" prays for a whole generation of "...X-treme Disicples" with actual prayers of the Bible. By using the Biblical text as a track, Lou Engle prays from the Word as it is written, while still allowing for the freedom to launch into Spirit led spontaneity and personalized application. And, like the original Psalms, each prayer is set in the context of original musical and vocal accompaniment.

Unique to this album are three "ecstatic prophecies" by Stacey Campbell. "Coming with a powerful rush under the anointing of the Holy Spirit, these 'prophetic words' penetrate to the marrow!"

Lou's passion is contagious - his prayers inspiring- the music hard-hitting... but broad enough to appeal to everyone. Be freshly inspired in your own times of devotion and intersession as you pray along with, "Prayers For X-treme Disciples" while at the same time learning the age-old practice of personal, audible, Bible praying.

  • With Lou Engle and Stacey Campbell
  • Music by Heather Clark & Hikk-up.
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Song List
With Lou Engle And Stacey Campbell
Music By Heather Clark & Hikk-up

Artist / Worship Leader / Worship Band
Lou Engle
Stacey Campbell

Label / Series
Independent Labels  ·  Revival Now

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  PTB07 (code)
  695268070348 (upc)
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