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Title: Messianic Praise & Worship - Double CD
Subtitle: Includes Albums

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Song List
I Hear A Sound
The Day Of The Lord
It Is Good
Bless The Lord
Let Us Rejoice And Be Glad
Praise The Lord
Let Us Rejoice And Be Glad(Reprise)
Ascribe To The Lord
He Shall Reign
We Give You Thanks
By Your Blood
Worthy Is The Lamb
Great And Marvelous
Worthy Is The Lamb(Reprise)
Who Is Like Thee (Mikamocha)
The Song Of Moses
Come Let Us Go Up To Zion
Come Let Us Go Up
Introit- Jerusalem Of Gold/Ma Tovu (O How Good)
I Lift Up My Eyes
Up To Jerusalem
Shouts Of Joy
Shout For Joy In The Lord
Shouts Of Joy (Reprise)
Roni Roni Bat Zion (Rejoice Rejoice Daughter Of Zion)
Where Does My Help Come From
Hinei Ma Tov (Behold Hwo Good)
Sing Hallelujah
Stand Up And Give Him The Praise
Baruch Haba (Blessed Is He Who Comes)
Ma Tovu (O How Good)
In Your Presence O God
Wonderful One
Shalom Jerusalem
Lord Take Up Your Holy Throne

Artist / Worship Leader / Worship Band
Paul Wilbur

Label / Series
Integrity  ·  Messianic Praise

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  12152 (code)
  000768121528 (upc)
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