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Title: Here I Am To Worship, Tim Hughes
Subtitle: Worship Together
Release date: December 2001


This solo album from Worship Together introduces the UK's Tim Hughes, a young but mature and gifted songwriter/worship leader. Hailing from the same church as Matt Redman, Hughes has his own brand of infectious melodies and rhythms that draw the listener into abandon worship.

The first time I ever came across Tim Hughes he was leading worship at a church youth group. My friend and pastor, Mike pilavachi, who heads up Soul Survivor said, 'this guy's definitely got something.' He was right.

Tim has a real gift for leading worship, and an inspired way of writing songs for the saints to sing. But even more than this, I admire him for his humility, and passion for God. Someone recently said that the real test these days isn't in the writing and the producing of new and great music; the real test is in the Godliness of those who deliver it. Tim is a man most definitely running in the right direction. Behind these fresh new songs is a faithful heart.

- Matt Redman
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Song List
Maker Of All Things    WorshipTeam Logo see more song info
May The Words Of My Mouth
Here I Am To Worship
I'll Always Love You
If There's One Thing    WorshipTeam Logo see more song info
Redeemer    WorshipTeam Logo see more song info
Day After Day    WorshipTeam Logo see more song info
Jesus You Alone
Nevery Lose The Wonder    WorshipTeam Logo see more song info
The Eyes Of My Heart
My Jesus My Lifeline

Artist / Worship Leader / Worship Band
Tim Hughes

Label / Series
Worship Together  ·  Tim Hughes

Products / Media Formats
  WTD20358 (code)
  724382035824 (upc)
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