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Title: Heaven on Earth - Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship - Double CD
Subtitle: 8 Years of songs from the Toronto Renewal

This double CD of live worship music was captured at the church and features a selection of popular worship songs experienced in an electric live setting.

Featuring worship leaders David Ruis, Jeremy Sinnott , Robert Critchley, Paul Oakley, and introducing Martin Cooper.

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Song List
There's A Place Where The Streets Shine (Because Of You)
How Big Is He (Great Big God)
We Celebrate Your Presence Lord (A Festival Of Joy)
Hey Oh I Receive Your Mercy (Mercy Is Falling)
Praise The Name Of Jesus
There Is A Redeemer
I Love The Way Your Light Breaks Forth (Son Of Man)
Praise Him You Heavens (Great In Power)
There's A Wind A-blowing (Sweet Wind)
I Just Want To Love You With Nothing In The Way
My Hope Is Built On Nothing Less (On Christ The Solid Rock)
Everybody Come Now (Wide Wide World)
Father Of Creation (Let Your Glory Fall)
Awake My Soul Rise Up From Your Sleeping (Rise Up My Soul And Sing)
We're Gonna Lift Your Name
Sometimes When I Feel Your Love (I Love Your Love)
Lord I Come Before Your Throne Of Grace (What A Faithful God)
Not To A Mountain (Shake The Heavens)
O The Deep Deep Love Of Jesus
I Have Come To Love You
I Will Dance I Will Sing (Undignified)
We're Going To Sing Like The Saved
Keep Coming Holy Spirit
More Love More Power
There Is No Other Friend (No Other)
You Along Give Life (Do It Again Lord)
River Of God

Artist / Worship Leader / Worship Band
David Ruis
Jeremy Sinnott
Robert Critchley
Paul Oakley
Martin Cooper

Label / Series
Kingsway Music  ·  Worship Experience

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  KMCD2337 (code)
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