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Title: Future Worship - LaMar Boschman
Subtitle: Worship Trends That Will Change Your Life
Release date: June 1999

Worship Trends That Will Change Your Life

LaMar Boschman

Written by: LaMar Boschman.


How a changing world can enter God's presence in the new millennium!

So many Christians, churches and leaders are in vertigo, looking for an explanation of why things are changing, what worship style is appropriate and where we are going. A worship reformation is happening that is more than a contemporary music 'thing' or a charismatic worship trend. God is transitioning the Church to a new style of leadership and order of worship. Future Worship provides hope and answers for all those wondering what is next for the Church. A new millennium is just around the corner, and God is seeking true worshipers. This book points the way to a 'future worship' that pulsates with the heartbeat of God.

Discover the new worship reformation and where worship is going in the future. LaMar Boschman traces how changes in communication technology have impacted our worship; past, present and future.

This book investigates where worship is going in the next few years. How will the church be affected by changes in the digital age; from the Internet, multimedia and other developing technologies. This book will not only challenge your thinking on worship, but will open your eyes to how worship is changing as our culture changes.

Forewords by C. Peter Wagner and Judson Cornwall.

Table of Contents

Part I - Endings and Beginnings
Chapter One - Collision Course with Reality
Chapter Two - Are the Good Times Gone?
Chapter Three - I Feel Good!
Chapter Four - Birth of a New Era
Chapter Five - Constantine: Endings and Beginnings

Part II - Echoes into the Future
Chapter Six - The Spoken Word
Chapter Seven - The First Worship Reformation
Chapter Eight - The Second Worship Reformation
Chapter Nine - The Third Worship Reformation

Part III - New Melodies
Chapter Ten - Future Perfect
Chapter Eleven - The Land Beyond the Bitterroot

Epilogue - How Should We Then Worship?

Appendix - Recommended Resources

Length: 192 pages
Size: 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 inches
Format: Softcover
Available Date: May 2, 1999
Published By: Renew & Regal Books (from Gospel Light)
ISBN: 0-8307-2421-4
  0830724214 (code)
  9780830724215 (upc)
  0830724214 (isbn)
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Artist / Worship Leader / Worship Band
Lamar Boschman

Label / Series
Renew & Regal Books

Products / Media Formats
  0830724214 (code)
  9780830724215 (upc)
  0830724214 (isbn)
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