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Title: Consuming Fire: Darrell Evans And Friends
Subtitle: Fervent Records
Release date: April 2004

Consuming Fire - Darrell Evans & Friends, was recorded live at World Revival Center in Kansas City, MO and Trinity Church in Amarillo, TX in the fall of 2003. Produced by Evans, this album features numerous new worship songs that are sure to be sung in churches everywhere plus a new version of “Fields of Grace.”
I am truly blessed to be able to stand beside these wonderfully talented people in ministry. I think it's great that all of us can come together for a project like this and it not be about our personal ministries or competition, instead using it as an outlet to be faithful with our God-given gifts for His glory. We don't want to be seen. We want Him to be seen, because this project is all about connecting people to Him.

Recording this project was extremely intense because the people in both cities were reaching out to God. It was apparent that they had a first-hand revelation of God, because they came thankfully and gratefully with their hearts turned toward Him before we even began playing. God loves a seeker, and you can feel that intensity on the album.

-Darrell Evans

Review: Darrell Evans' new release is another good example of the power of the live worship record. I am always struck by the difference between worship albums that are recorded by worship leaders leading worshipers, as opposed to artists doing a studio praise and worship album. The latter is not bad; it's just that the former proves itself by being tested in the proper arena.

This is so different from secular music. Growing up I worked in record stores and every band would have the obligatory live album. They were usually long, drawn out, versions of their hits, and couldn't compete with the innovation and sound quality of the studio album. But they never seemed able to capture the essence of the band quite like it was in concert. In worship music, though, the thing captured is the worship first. Everything else is of complementary value.

This album was recorded live in two sessions, in Kansas City, Missouri and Amarillo, Texas. Darrell's take on the worshipping congregations was to say they were intense, reaching out to God, turned to His direction even before the first musical chord was struck. For any worship leader reading this, you know that this is a total blessing.

When I think of Darrell Evans, it's the refreshing ebullience of songs like 'I'm Trading My Sorrow', 'Good to Me', or 'Freedom' that usually come to mind. That's not to say that his softer side hasn't captured me, but I really enjoy his enthusiasm.

With this project, we're getting not only both sides of Darrell, but Darrell's got some friends along with him! And the friends are Paul Baloche, Kevin Prosch, Charlie Hall, and Kate Miner. The nice thing here is that, not only do they contribute songs they've written, but they also lead them. Darrell shows amazing humility in doing it this way. He considers it a blessing to 'stand beside these wonderfully talented people in ministry'. This album is a collaboration of gifts and talents to help people connect with God.

The title track, as with most of Darrell's songs on this album, has an economy of words and is infinitely singable. Both 'Consuming Fire' and 'Jesus, I Come to Follow' have rhythmic grooves and will serve the Sunday morning worship well if done in the same electric style. Kate Miner backs up on both tracks.

As far as Darrell's up-tempo songs go, 'Blessed Be the Lord', 'My Everything' and 'Field of Grace' are all great songs. I especially like 'Fields of Grace'. The song came to Evans as he felt God asking Him to dance with Him. As invasive as this was to his comfort zone, and admitting that he didn't even know how to dance, he did know how to shout and spin around. So he did; he danced with God right there in the end zone of a football field. This is a tremendous song to help break down the walls of pride and self-focus in our lives.

'Exalted' features Charlie Hall on vocals and is a wonderful song with excellent guitar work, and again, simple, but powerful lyrics. 'My Reward' was written and sung by Paul Baloche and is a very melodic, mid-tempo song that props up the eternal rewards against the temporal ones. This song is a definite keeper.

Having told you about the up and mid-tempo songs, and having confessed that those are what I have reveled in before from Evans, it is his softer songs that have captured me here, notably, 'Just As I Am'. This is an incredible song that reminds us that it's not what we do that causes Jesus to love us, but rather it's what He's done. I heard a song on the radio the other day that sang about doing what it takes to get back to God. It's a great idea, and we are charged to walk holy. But in the end, it's the finished work of Jesus that redeems us.

'Dream Before You' also captured my imagination. Kate Miner wrote this song and both she and Darrell sang it. The song begins 'I hear You calling me to give You all my desires'. The chorus is 'Let them be a sacrifice'. It got me thinking about how, and what we sacrifice to God. Our comfortably budgeted tithe doesn't always seem to hold a place in the 'sacrifice' column of our lives. So this song helps put it in perspective when it calls us to leave our own dreams and desires at the altar, content with God to redeem them any way He likes.

And I would be remiss if I didn't mention Kevin Prosch's 'Harp in My Heart'. This song led off his recently release Palanquin album, and this version is even better. The passion in his voice as he sings gives emphasis to lyrics that claim that God supplies the only answer to our longing. Speaking of Prosch, he also engineered and mixed the album. The result is a very real, very raw live experience. The vocals are right up front on all the songs, without over-dubbing.

This marvelous work will give the worship leader some diverse material from which to choose. It will also serve well as private worship in the home, car, etc… This CD and its live performance make this great project to buy. Get it now while the supply lasts!

Review by John Ausmus
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Song List
Worship Intro
Consuming Fire
Jesus I Come To Follow
Anywhere With You
Precious Jesus (With Kate Miner)
Exalted (With Charlie Hall)
Blessed Be The Lord
My Everything
Fields Of Grace (With Mike Weaver Of Big Daddy Weave)
My Reward (With Paul Baloche)
The One And Only
Just As I Am
Harp In My Heart (With Kevin Prosch)
Dream Before You (With Kate Miner)
Let The River Flow 20

Artist / Worship Leader / Worship Band
Darrell Evans

Label / Series
Independent Labels  ·  Fervent Records

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