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Title: Classical Worship - Mozart
Subtitle: Classical Music with Inspirational Scenes
Release date: October 2002

Nineteenth century Germany and Austria loved their composers, and Mozart was among the best. He was a celebrity who forever reflected and distinguished the times and culture in which he lived. Mozart showed musical gifts at a very early age. He composed when he was five, played before royalty at six, and wrote his first symphony when he was seven. In the midst of a brilliant career, he died at just thirty-five years of age. Though his musical genius set him apart, Mozart's struggle was the same as ours - to wrestle with the meaning of life, and to find expression for the works of his soul. It is music for the ages - timeless and moving. It is the music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.
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Song List
Piano Concerto #21 "Elvira Madigan"
Eine Kleine Nachtmusik "Allegro"
Eine Kleine Nachtmusik "Romance"
Symphony #40 In G Minor Molto Allegro
Violin Sonata In C Major
Requiem - Rex Tremendae Majestatis
Requiem Aeternam

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