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Title: Broken Walls
Subtitle: Jonathan Maracle

Broken Walls - The Conception

Recently I had the privilege of writing the lyrics and singing the Mohawk Chant on the 1995 March for Jesus album. This was truly a breakthrough time and the beginning of a new era in my life as a Christian Native musician and songwriter.

I have heard Christian music from around the world and in most cases the message of the gospel has conformed to the musical style of that country. After having lived on native territories most of my life and never having heard Christ in indigenous native music (in fact always thinking of them as opposites) there was quite a wall to be broken in my own life to consider mixing the two.

After singing the Mohawk Chant on The March for Jesus Album God's work began in me and eventually lead me to bring forth Broken Walls. Later that year I received a call from Rudy and Marney Pole to attend the Sacred Gathering in Hill, Que. (a vision conceived and hosted by Elijah Harper MP) to sing the Mohawk Chant and other songs. At this gathering John Dawson and John Sanford spoke about the walls that have been built between races of people. As I listened, the song Broken Walls was conceived in my heart. I had to write quickly to not miss anything the Spirit was conveying to me. Only moments after completing the song I was invited to the platform to sing the Mohawk Chant. Instead, I sang Broken Walls, a fresh new song of reconciliation. The reaction to this song crossed all types of barriers, from traditional native-French-English, to denomination differences.

Knowing that it is God's will that I pursue these directions, I have committed myself to the completion of an album of songs dedicated to reconciliation between people with differences for whatever reason. I hope and pray that as you listen to this album, walls in your life may be broken allowing the Holy Spirit to bring you new life and healing.
- Jonathan Maracle
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Song List
Broken Walls
Elijah's Harp
Break The Chains
Clearly Hear Your Voice
Your Canada
Warrior Of The Light
The Great I Am
Oh Rosie
Set Them Free
Broken Walls (Reprise)

Artist / Worship Leader / Worship Band
Jonathan Maracle
Linda Maracle

Label / Series
Independent Labels  ·  Broken Walls

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